Deel hierdie werkstuk met jou Facebook vriende

(© D.H. Pienaar)
Hierdie is n vinnige opsoek-lys van name, wat ek opgestel het om jou te help om die betekenis van jou name op te volg:

Die eerste gedeelte is mans-name en die tweede gedeelte is vroue-name!

Daar is miljoene name, maar meeste verwerkinge kom van die basis-name wat ek hier saamgestel het. Ek het ook meer na die christelike en kulturele betekenis van name gekyk en nie op die mitologiese, ens. betekenisse gekonsentreer nie..........

As jou naam byvoorbeeld Johannes of Johnny is, kom dit van die oorsprong-naam John.

Het jy al ooit jouself bestudeer? Ken jy jouself? Wat hou jy van en wat haat jy? As deel van ñ beradings-kurses moes ek hierdie vrae beantwoord! Waar kom ek vandaan? Wat is my passies in die lewe?   My volle name is: David Hercules Pienaar.   Die betekenis van my name gee my die eerste antwoorde om te weet wie ek is! Die betekenis van jou name veroorsaak vaste resultate in die geestelike realm. Elke woord wat geuiter word in die natuurlike, het ñ gebeurtenis-oorsaak in die spirituele lewe…..   My eerste naam het ek van my vader gekry, David John Pienaar. My tweede naam het ek van my oupa, Hercules Visagie, gekry. My van het ek van my vader en sy vader aangeneem, Hendrik Nicholas Christoffel Pienaar, wat verwerk is van ñ Franse word, pinardt, wat ñ ryk man of the oorsprong-plek van ñ goeie rooi wyn is.

D.w.s. my name sê vir my ek is God se geliefde, sterk, vreugdevolle, ryk man!
As jy nie jou name kan aflei uit hiedie lyste nie, moedig ek jou aan om dit te soek in ander meer volledige boeke wat meer daaroor uitbrei!

My lys is in Engels, ek sal in vervolg probeer om dit alles in Afrikaans te vertaal!

My doel met hierdie navorsing is:
1. Vind die betekenis van jou name.
2. Verstaan die betekenis van jou name en watter invloed dit t.o.v. jou in die natuurlike en geestelike realms het. spiritual realms.

Vra jouself:
1. Ken ek die regte betekenis van my name?
2. Weet ek watter invloed my name uitoefen op my bestaan en hoe kan ek dit beheer of verander?


Aaron = sing, teach, mountain or messenger
Abba = father
Abdul = servant
Abe = contractions of Abraham
Abel = son, a breath, vapour, vanity
Abelard = guardian, of noble firmness
Abid = servant
Abishai = my father’s gift
Abishur = my father’s glance, look
Abner = father of light
Abraham = eternal father, father of a multitude
Absalom = father of peace
Aby = contracions of Abraham
Acayib = wonderful and strange
Ace = a unit
Achilles = strong warrior-hero, weak heeled
Ackley = acorn and meadow
Acton = village with oak trees
Adair = from the oak-tree ford
Adalric = noble ruler
Adam = earth, first man
Adar = dark, cloudy, fire, eminent, exalted
Adelbert = nobly bright
Ader = a flock
Adolph = noble wolf
Adon = belonging to my master or lord
Adonis = lord
Adrian = rich, black, mysterious, dark one
Adriel = God’s majesty, God’s congregation
Aegir = god of the sea
Aelfric = elf-rule
Aeneas = unique
Aggrey = land, field, open country
Ahab = father’s brother, uncle
Ahearn = lord of the horses, owner of horses
Ahmed = most highly adored
Ahren = to help and little fiery one
Aiken = made of oak
Ain = own, belonging to oneself
Ainsley = my own meadow, his own self
Akio = bright boy
Aladdin = height of faith
Alan = harmony, peace, fair and handsome
Alard = tough and resilient, noble
Alaric = ruler over all
Alastair = defender
Alban = white
Alberic = clever and wise ruler
Albert = noble and bright
Alcander = strong-minded
Alcot = old cottage
Alcuin = advise
Aldous = old
Aldred = old, wise and advice
Aldrich = old and wise ruler
Aldwin = wise and reliable friend
Aleron = on the wing
Alexander = man’s defender, protector and helper
Alexis = defender, helper
Alfred = man of intelligent and wise counsel
Alger = clever and quick-witted warrior
Algernon = with a moustache
Ali = the god
Alim = wise, learned
Allison = son of Alice
Almeric = hard-working ruler
Alon = oak tree
Alphege = elf-high
Alpheius = river hunter
Alphonse = ready and apt
Alpin = high mountains
Alroy = red-haired youth
Alter = elder and senior
Alton = old town
Aluph = leader, prince, head and chief
Alvah = injustice
Alvis = wise
Alwyn = a strong and wise friend
Amadeus = love of God
Amadore = gift of love
Ambert = shining, bright and illustrious
Ambrose = immortality, elixir of life
Amfrid = ancestor and peace
Ami = God of my people, my praised people
Amin = truth, certainty and affirmation
Amir = prince
Amory = loving person
Amos = troubled and weighed down
Amr = life and mighty nation
Anan = cloud
Anastasius = resurrection, will rise again
Anatole = rising sun
Ancel = god
Ancher = reliable and stable
Andrew = manly
Aneurin = pure gold
Angel = messenger
Angelico = like an angel
Angus = unique choise
Anselm = helmet of God
Anson = son of Anne
Anthony = flourishing and priceless
Anwar = light
Apollo = to repel and destroy
Ara = altar and monument
Aram = high up
Archibald = very bold
Arden = to be on fire, ablaze, sparkle, glitter
Ardon = bronze
Argus = bright-eyed and highly observant
Ariel = Jerusalem
Arion = melody, air and tune
Aristo = best
Arjuna = existence
Arles = pledge and promise
Arlo = fortified hill
Armand = soldier
Armon = castle and palace
Arnold = eagle and power
Arsen = strong and virile
Artemis = hunt and healthy
Arthur = rock, bear and god of war
Arva = countryside, field and pastureland
Arvid = friend
Asa = healer or physician
Asaph = to gather
Asgard = god, hall and courtyard
Ash = ash tree
Asher = fortunate and happy
Astley = starlid field
Athelstan = noble and reliable
Athene = wisdom
Atlas = carry the world on his shoulders
Attica = pure, simple and elegant
Attila = father
Aubrey = clever and wise ruler, fair chief
Augustus = majestic, worthy and honour
Aurelius = gold coin, gilded, brilliant and beautiful
Averell = refuge in war and bird
Averia = assertive
Avi = my father
Avitus = refuge in war and bird
Avlar = elf-army
Axel = small oak tree
Aylmer = noble and famous
Aylward = formidable guard
Aylwin = devoted friend
Azaria = God is my help

Bacchus = god of wine and pleasure
Bailey = the outer wall of a castle
Bal = hair
Balder = god of peace and light
Baldric = bold ruler
Baldwin = courageous, bold friend
Balfour = distant hill
Balint = strong and healthy
Ballard = to dance
Balthasar = may God protect the king
Bancroft = bean field
Baptist = to dip
Barak = flash of light
Barber = beard
Bard = composer and poet
Barden = a small valley where barley grows
Bardolf = bright wolf
Barker = someone who logs birch trees
Barnabas = consoling son of exhortation
Barnum = barley house, store house
Baron = man, warrior
Barry = spear, good marksman
Bartholomew = son
Bartram = fortunate farmer
Barush = blessed
Basil = royal, kingly
Bavol = wind, air
Bayard = reddish-brown colour
Beasley = field of peas
Beattie = bearer of happiness and blessings
Beau = beautiful and handsome
Beaumont = beautiful mountain
Beauregard = held in high regard
Beck = small brook, stream
Bede = prayer
Bedir = full moon
Beldin = a small place of beauty
Bell = beautiful, handsome, charming, neat
Belveder = beautiful to look at
Bemus = platform
Ben = mountain, house, son
Benedict = to bless, speak well of, praise
Ben-Gurion = son of the lion
Benjamin = son of my right hand
Bentley = to exist, become
Beowulf = valiant and strong young man
Ber = to dwell, boundary line
Berg = fortified hill castle
Bergren = mountain stream
Berea = creature
Beresford = dweller by the the bear’s ford
Berkeley = field where birch trees grow
Bern = successful, tolerate and a bear
Bernard = bold as a bear
Berry = berry, fresh fruit
Bersh = one year
Bert = young, bright, influential leader
Bertholdt = bright, illustrious
Bertram = bright raven, illustrious one
Berwin = supportive and influential friend
Beryl = precious stone
Bethel = house of God
Beverley = meadow of the beaver
Bevis = meat of an ox, bull or cow
Bezalel = under God’s protection, shadow
Bin = crib or wicker basket
Bingo = brandy with a sting
Bion = life, way of life
Birch = birch (tree)
Bishop = overseer, superindendent
Blaine = a bubble
Blair = place, field, battle
Blake = shining and white
Bland = gentle
Blandon = with a smooth tongue
Blasé = a stammering, hesitating in speech
Blaze = torch, flaming fire
Blithe = joyful, frivolous, carefree
Boaz = strength and swiftness
Bodi = may God protect the king
Bogart = soft ground, marsh, swamp
Boleslav = prepared for war
Bonamy = good friend, pal, mate
Bonar = good
Bonaventure = good fortune, lucky
Bond = to bind, fasten together
Boniface = with a handsome face
Booker = written document, book
Boone = a blessing, favour granted
Booth = dwelling
Bor = hedge
Borden = cot, small farm
Boris = to fight
Bors = to borrow, to protect
Bosley = a large thicket
Botan = peony (small)
Bourne = limit, boundary, small stream
Bouvier = ox, bull cow
Bowel = snail
Bowman = archer
Boyce = modern usage
Boyd = yellow, yellow-head
Braden = be plain-spoken and tolerant
Brady = slow
Brage = wisdom and eloquent speech
Brand = flaming torch, fire, sword
Bray = to cry out, make loud, harsh noise
Brendan = blessed
Brett = a person from Brittany
Brevard = short, little, concise
Brevis = short, frugal
Brewster = to brew and make ale
Brian = strong and hill
Brice = powerful, wealthy ruler
Brigham = to contend, fight
Brindley = piece of burning wood
Brion = nobly descended
Brisbane = royal mount
Brishan = born while raining
Brock = badger
Brodie = a goad
Bromley = broom, meadow
Bronte = thunder
Brook = to enjoy, be rewarded, small stream
Brown = brown
Bruce = woods, copse
Bruno = brown
Brutus = heavy, irrational, unreasonable
Bryan = strong and hill
Bubbles = celebration
Buck = male deer
Burgess = fortified place
Burley = coarse wool
Burns = stream, fountain
Burr = rough edge
Byrd = young bird
Byron = cottage and bear

Cadell = battle spirit
Cadman = strong in battle
Cadmus = discoverer, inventor
Cadoc = missionary, warlike
Cadwallader = battle, leader
Caesar = hairy, to cut up, blue-grey colour
Cahil = young, naïve
Cajetan = reformer, founder
Calchas = wisdom, foresight
Caldwell = dweller by he cold spring
Caleb = brave, victorious, bold, fidelity
Callis = cup, goblet
Calvert = herdsman, cowherd
Calvin = bald, bold
Camden = winding valley
Cameron = bent nose
Camillus = patron saint of sick and nurses
Camlo = lovely, amiable
Campbell = plain, beautiful, curved mouth
Canice = Irish saint
Cappi = good, fortunate, profit
Caradoc = amiable, beloved
Carden = to card, comb out
Carew = precious, loving, traveling coach
Carl = freeman
Carlos = freeman
Carmel = garden mountain
Carmen = to sing, praise, be lyrical
Carmody = God of arms
Carolus = freeman
Carr = marsh, rock
Carroll = melody
Carter = driver of a cart
Carvel = a song
Cary = walnut tree
Casey = brook, brave in battle, aggressive
Casimir = announcement of peace
Caspar = imperial, a horseman
Cassidy = ingenious trickster
Cassius = general, politician
Catalin = magic name of a wizard
Cato = sagacious
Cecil = blind, hearthstone
Cedric = model of generosity
Cedro = cedar, juniper
Celerino = quick, haste, accelerate
Celo = flame, storeroom, body of temple
Chad = battle, warrior
Chaim = life
Chalmers = senior attendant at court
Champion = flat open space, warrior
Chancellor = secretary
Chandler = candle, maker/seller of candles
Channing = canal
Chanticleer = to sing out loud and bright
Chaplin = the clergyman of a chapel
Chapman = trader, shopkeeper, merchant
Charles = man, male, freeman
Chauncey = to fall, to happen, luck, chance
Chester = fortress, castle, walled town
Chevy = from Cheviot Hills
Chiel = boy, lad
Chik = earth
Chip = North American Indian name
Christian = anointed one
Christobal = a dance of Christ
Christopher = one who carries Christ
Chrysocomes = with the golden locks
Chubb = plump carp (fish)
Ciaran = missionary
Cicero = learned antiquarian
Cid = master, lord
Clancy = offspring, family, tribe
Clarence = village in France
Clark = inheritance
Claudius = limping, lame, crippled, defective
Clay = clay, earth
Cleanth = clean, whole, pure, perfect
Clement = kind, gentle, calm
Cleon = to praise, acclaim
Clerebold = clear, bold
Clinton = hilltop town
Clive = place near the cliff
Cloud = monk devoting life to good works
Clovis = to cling
Cloyce = to obstruct, clog up, hamper
Clure = to be named in praise and fame
Clyde = heard from far away
Coburn = where streams meet
Colbert = a clear pass through a mountain
Cole = coal miner
Colin = victory, dove, young hound or cub
Collins = victorious
Colvin = dark friend
Columba = dove
Colwyn = hazel grove
Coman = noble
Con = wisdom
Conal = high and mighty, daring all
Conan = high, to know, learn, to be able to
Connor = an examiner or inspector
Conor = high desire
Conrad = bold, wise, counsellor
Constantine = to stand together, unchanging
Consuel = to free from sadness, comfort
Conwae = strength, vigour
Conway = he who takes a wise course
Cooper = repairer of wooden tubs, barrels
Corbet = raven
Cordell = string of a musical instrument
Corey = the chosen
Corin = young man
Cormac = tree trunk
Cornelius = horn, heart-hearted, insensible
Cornell = a dogwood tree
Corrie = from the mountains
Cory = helmet
Corwin = the heart’s friend
Cosmo = patron of art, orderly
Count = companion, colleague
Covington = town in a cove
Cowan = hooded robe
Coy = shy, quiet, modest
Cradock = beloved, affectionate
Craig = from the rocks
Cramer = to squeeze, fill-up
Crane = to stretch-out, crane forward
Crawford = a ford where crows gather
Creole = home-bred, to create
Creon = prince, ruler
Crichton = hilltop town
Crispin = curled, crimped, wavy, curly-head
Croft = small field or pasture
Cromwell = winding stream
Cronan = a mournful tune
Cronon = companion
Crossby = cross
Crowell = to crow
Culver = a dove
Cuthbert = bright, shining, illustrious
Cuyler = chapel
Cyprian = Christian writer
Cyril = lord, like a lord
Cyrus = throne, near the sun

Dacey = southerner
Daedalus = sculpter
Dagan = corn, ceremonial grain
Dahi = nimble
Dai = beloved by God
Dalbert = bright valley
Dale = broad valley
Damon = divine power, fate
Dandie = nickname for Andrew
Dane = inhabitants of Denmark
Daniel = God is my judge
Dante = to endure, bear, be patient
Dar = pearl, mother-of-pearl
Darcy = a companion of William
Dardanos = another name for a Trojan
Darius = ruler
Darrel = dear, beloved, special
Darren = ruler
Darrow = spear
Darton = town near water
Darwin = lover of the sea
Daven = two rivers
David = beloved by God
Deacon = servant
Dean = valley, one sat over ten
Decimus = tenth
Deiniol = charming, attractive
Dekel = palm tree, date palm
Delano = healthy dark man, of the night
Delmar = from the sea
Delos = ring, small Greek island
Delvin = dolphin
Demetrius = earth mother
Dempsey = absence of merit, blameful
Denby = Danish village, town
Denis = missionary, martyr
Denman = man living in a small wooded dell
Denver = small wooded valley, green
Denzil = high stronghold
Deodatus = gift of God
Derby = deer, water, town
Derek = famous ruler
Dermot = free from envy
Deror = freedom
Derry = oak trees
Derwent = clear water
Desiderio = ardent desire, deep longing
Desmond = someone part of creation
Devin = poet
Devir = inner sanctum, room, holy place
Dexter = skillful with hands
Dhani = person of wealth and riches
Diamond = unconquerable
Didi = ardent desire, deep longing, wish
Diego = saint of holiness and poor
Dietrich = people of wealth, power, riches
Digby = to make a dyke or ditch
Diggory = strayed, lost
Dinsmore = fortified hill
Diogenes = the dog, sufferer
Diomedes = wise advisor
Dionysius = god of the Nysa
Dixey = active sprite
Dixon = son of Richard
Dob = to do good
Dobry = good
Dodo = beloved
Dominic = God’s servant
Donald = world ruler, proud ruler
Donatus = given, bestowed upon
Donnel = hill, hill-fort
Dor = made of gold, generation
Doran = gift
Dotan = dowry, law
Dotson = son of Dot
Dougal = dark colour, stranger
Douglas = dark stream
Dov = bear
Dove = dove
Dovey = to whisper
Down = rolling expanse of grassy hills
Doyle = assembly, gathering
Drake = serpent
Drew = to carry
Driscoll = sad, distressed
Drogo = to carry
Dryden = dry secluded valley
Dude = little pipe, moon
Dudley = Dudo’s meadow
Duff = dough, uncooked pastry
Duke = leader, guide, commander
Dukker = to bewitch, tell fortunes
Dumont = from the mountain, hill
Duncan = dark-skinned warrior
Dunstan = greyish-brown
Dupee = to deceive, trick
Dur = to encircle, make a heap
Durand = to last, to endure
Duriel = my house belongs to God
Durril = berry
Durwald = deer, forest
Dutton = fortified hill
Dwight = white, fair
Dylan = the sea

Eamon = happy, fortunate, rich, guardian
Earl = warrior, chief, nobleman
Eaton = riverside town
Ebenezer = stone of help
Edan = flame, fire
Eddy = again, back
Eden = delight
Edgar = happy, fortunate, rich, spear
Edlin = noble
Edmond = happy, fortunate, rich, guardian
Edom = red
Edric = happy, fortunate, rich, ruler
Edward = happy, fortunate, rich, guardian
Edwin = happy friend
Egbert = shining sword
Egmont = person from the corner of the hill
Egon = strong, formidable
Ehud = union
Elan = spirited, tree
Elazar = God helped
Eldon = old
Eldwin = old, respected friend
Elford = noble, river-crossing
Elgar = noble spear
Elgin = noble, white, pure
Eli = height
Eligius = wisdom and generous
Elihu = he is my God
Elijah = the Lord is my God
Elisha = God is my help, is generous
Elizur = God is my rock
Elkana = God is acquired
Ellard = alder tree, strong
Ellis = God is my help, is generous
Elmer = noble, famous
Elmo = noble, famous, loved, desired
Elrad = God is ruler, noble, counsel, advice
Elroy = the king
Elston = the noble’s town, Eliot’s town
Elton = old
Elvin = elf-like, spritely, clever, quick-witted
Elvis = elf-like, spritely, clever, quick-witted
Emanuel = God is with us
Embert = bringing happiness and brightness
Emerald = brilliant, green, transparent stone
Emery = ruler, power, wealth
Emmet = truth
Endelon = fair, white-circle
Endymion = diver
Engelbert = bright as an angel
Enoch = educated, dedicated
Enos = man
Ensign = honour
Ephraim = fruitful
Er = aware
Erasmus = loved, desired
Erhard = resolution
Eric = honourable ruler
Ermin = universal, whole
Ernest = keenness in battle, intense desire
Eros = love, desire, sexual love
Errol = warrior, chief, nobleman
Erskine = from the height of the cliff
Esua = hairy
Esmund = very good or gracious protector
Estel = star
Estes = summer, passion, waves of emotion
Ethan = permanent, assured
Ethelbert = noble, bright
Ethelred = noble, strength
Eubule = good and beneficial adviser
Eucal = well covered
Euclid = logical
Eudo = lucky spirit, happiness, well-being
Eugene = excellent, well-born, fortunate
Eulis = sweetly spoken
Eusibius = pious
Eustace = plentiful corn, fruitful
Evald = boar, battle
Evelyn = hazel-nut
Everard = strong warrior
Ewart = ewer, large pitcher or jug
Ewen = God is kind and merciful
Ezekiel = may God strengthen
Ezra = help

Fabius = bean, delayer
Fadeyka = stout-hearted, courageous
Fahey = joyful, happy, glad
Falkner = falcon
Faramond = protected traveler
Farley = fair, beautiful, wayside, meadow
Farquhar = man, friendly
Farrar = blacksmith, iron
Farrel = valiant man
Fate = help or hinder
Faunus = god of nature and fertility
Faustas = fortunate
Felix = great happiness
Felton = town on or near a hill
Fenton = town near marshland
Ferd = horse
Ferdinand = wild, bold, courageous, insolent
Fergus = manly choice, best choise
Fermin = firm, strong
Festus = festive, joyfull, merry
Fidel = trust, loyalty, devotion
Fielding = field
Fingal = fair stranger
Finlay = fair-haired soldier
Finn = white, fair
Fisk = fish
Fitz = son
Flan = flat metal, arrow
Flavian = golden, yellow blond
Florian = blossoming, flourishing
Flyn = son of the red-haired man
Fonda = to melt, profound
Forbes = fodder
Ford = shallow river-crossing
Fordel = forgive
Fordon = to destroy
Fortney = strong
Fortune = luck, chance
Foster = outside forest
Fountain = spring, fountain, source of a well
Foy = journey, parting feast
Francis = a free man
Fraser = charcoal maker
Frederick = peaceful ruler
Frey = noble man
Fry = seed, offspring
Fulbert = very much, bright
Fulk = people, relatives, a nation or a tribe
Fuller = cloth-fuller
Fursey = outstanding in goodness
Fuzzy = spongy

Gabbo = to mock
Gabriel = strong man of God
Gad = God is my fortune
Gael = wild, Irishman
Gage = pledge
Gaines = to obtain
Gal = my wave
Galahad = hawk in battle
Gale = gallant, brave, noble, amorous
Galen = still, tranquil
Gall = missionary
Gallagher = eager helper
Galvin = sparrow
Gamal = beauty
Gamliel = my reward is God
Gammel = old
Gardiner = enclosed garden
Gareth = gentle
Garfield = promontory
Garland = an ornament of gold threads
Garnet = grain, pomegranate
Garret = to observe
Garridan = you hid
Garson = to protect
Garth = enclosure of land
Garvin = friend in battle, ally
Gascon = boastful person
Gavin = hawk of the plain
Gaylord = father of joy, source of joy
Gaynor = son of the fair man
Gedalia = God is great
Geddes = spear, bar of metal, fishing rod
Gefania = vineyard of the Lord
Genesius = creation, generation, horoscope
Geoffrey = district, peace of God
George = farm labourer
Geraint = old
Gerard = spear, hard, servant of the spear
Germain = precious child blossom into life
Gibor = strong
Gideon = maimed, mighty warrior
Gifford = crossing near a ravine
Gil = joy
Gilbert = the desire to be illustrious
Gilchrist = servant of Christ
Gilder = make superficially attractive
Giles = kid goat, goat skin
Gillie = song
Gilmore = deep glen, tree stump, root
Gilroy = servant, king
Giora = convert
Glade = being happy and giving happiness
Glen = narrow mountain valley
Goddard = good advise
Godfrey = district, peace of God
Godric = good, ruler, power, wealth
Godwin = good, friend of God
Gold = one who loves gold
Goliath = stranger, exile
Gomer = to complete
Gordius = ability to solve complex problems
Gordon = marsh, small wooded dell
Gowan = golden
Gozal = young bird
Grady = step, position, degree, grade
Graham = agree, town, old, grain
Graily = dish
Granger = grain
Grant = to agree, promise, bestow
Granville = large, fullgrown, town
Gray = grey
Greeley = green, meadow, grassland
Gregory = watchman
Griffith = lord, strong, swift, intelligent
Grimbald = fierce, bold
Griswald = grey, wood, forest
Grove = small thicket of trees
Gundulf = war
Gurion = lion, God is my strength, protection
Gurney = to grunt
Gustave = staff of the Goths
Guthrie = war hero
Guy = wide, wood, guide, lively
Gwyn = blessed

Habbakkuk = prophet
Habar = glory
Haddon = heathland
Hadrian = rich, black, mysterious
Hakeem = wise
Hakon = useful
Hale = safe, sound, healthy and whole
Halil = flute
Hall = to cover, snow-capped mountain
Ham = home town, warm, swarthy
Hamal = lamb
Hamish = supplanter, follower
Hamlet = small village, home in the valley
Hannibal = feats of travel and organization
Hans = God is kind and merciful
Harcourt = military quadrangle
Hardwin = strong and loyal friend
Hardy = courageous, robust
Harel = mountain of God
Harlequin = brightly dressed buffoon
Harley = hemp field
Harmon = agreement in feelings, concord
Harold = leader or commander of an army
Harper = harp, sickle
Harte = mature male deer, stag
Harvey = mature, strong, well-trained man
Hasad = harvest, reaping
Haskell = ash tree,may God strengthen
Haslett = hazle
Hassan = pleasant, good
Hasting = house, spear
Haven = harbour, refuge, sanctuary
Hayden = grassy dell, pastureland
Hector = holding fast, anchor
Hedley = meadow for sheep
Helaku = sunny day
Helgi = uncommon warrior who loved Kara
Heli = sun
Helmut = strong, defensive cover for head
Heman = faithfull
Henry = house, ruler, wealth, power
Herbert = outstanding military man
Hercules = joyfull, very strong and courageous
Herman = soldier
Hermes = speedy, efficient messenger
Hern = heron
Herod = to protect, guard
Hesketh = my strength comes from God
Hilal = new moon
Hilary = jovial, lively, cheerful, boisterous
Hilidebrand = battle, fire, torch, sword-blade
Hillel = renowned, acclaimed
Hilmer = hill near the sea or water
Hippolytus = freeing the horses
Hiram = noble brother, born to nobility
Hiroshi = generous
Hisoka = secretive, shy
Ho = good
Hod = vigour, my splendour is from God
Hodges = renowned warrior
Hoffman = courtier, influencial, flatteror
Holden = valley with a stream
Holleb = like a dove
Holm = meadow, small island
Holt = wooded hill, a copse
Homer = being hostage or led, blind person
Honester = tool sharpener
Honi = gracious
Honor = recognition, acknowledgement
Horace = time, hour
Horst = leap
Horton = garden
Horus = ancestor of the pharaohs
Hosea = salvation
Hototo = the whistler
Howard = hog-warden
Howell = hill where boars or swine roam
Howi = dove
Hoyle = heavy barge
Hudson = powerful, wealthy and strong
Hugh = intelligent and noble-spirited
Humbert = home, shining, bright
Humphrey = strength and peace
Hunt = search diligently, pursue, track down
Hussein = good
Huxley = field of ash trees
Hyde = measure of land

Ian = God is kind and merciful
Ib = father
Ignatius = fire
Igor = farm labarour
Ike = white, fair
Ilan = tree
Ilbert = distinguished warrior
Imbert = iron bard
Imri = tall
Ingram = Ing’s raven
Innes = island
Intrepid = not alarmed
Iolo = worthy lord
Ira = stallion
Irvin = handsome, fair
Isaac = he laughs
Isaiah = salvation of the Lord
Ishmael = God hears
Isidore = gift of Isis
Israel = struggle with God, God prevails
Itamar = palm grove
Itiel = God is with me
Ivan = God is kind and merciful
Ivar = archer
Ivor = ivory

Jabez = I bore him in sorrow
Jacinto = precious blue stone
Jacob = supplanter, follower
James = supplanter, follower
Janus = passage, arcade, gateway
Japheth = beautiful
Jardine = garden
Jareb = he will maintain
Jared = rose
Jaron = to cry aloud, sing out
Jaroslav = glory of spring
Jarvis = spear, hard
Jason = God is my salvation
Jaspar = red semi-precious stone
Jay = jay, cheeky chatterer, flashily dressed
Jed = hand
Jediah = God knows, lives, God’s beloved
Jefferey= peaceful travellor
Jephthah = he will open
Jeremy = God is uplifted
Jerome = holy and sacred name
Jesse = riches, a gift
Jesus = God is my salvation
Jethro = wealth, abundance
Jibben = life
Jivanta = long-lived
Joab = God is father
Joachim = God will establish
Job= hated, persecuted, oppressed
Jocelin = champion
Joel = God is willing
John = God is kind and merciful
Jonah = moaning, dove
Jonathan = God’s gift
Jordon = to flow downward, descend
Joseph = God will multiply
Joshua = God is my salvation
Josiah = may the Lord heal and protect
Jotham = God id perfect
Jotun = invisible giant
Joubert = God’s radiance
Joyce = merry
Jubal = a joyful time of jubilation
Jude = praise
Julian = soft-haired, fair-complexioned
Jumbo = elephant
Jun = truth, obedience
Junior = young
Jupiter = brightness, sky
Justin = upright, righteous, true, lawful
Juventino = youthful

Kadmiel = God is ancient
Kahil = friend, lover
Kaikane = man of the ocean
Kalani = the heavens
Kalil = beautiful
Kalle = strong and manly
Kalman = kind, gentle, calm
Kaloosh = blessed arrival
Kamil = perfect
Kane = tribute
Kaniel = spear
Karif = autumn
Karim = generous, noble
Karl = male, man, freeman
Karmel = vineyard of the Lord
Kassimir = commands peace
Katriel = God is my crown
Kaufman = merchant
Kay = rejoice
Keane = wise, clever, brave, strong
Kedem = towards the east
Keefe = euphoria, enjoyment
Keith = forest, wood
Kelly = warrior
Kelsey = keel
Kelvin = fond of ships
Kendal = royal valley
Kendrick = royal ruler, power, wealth
Kenelm = courageous warrior
Kennedy = royal ruler
Kenneth = handsome, fair
Kent = white
Kentigern = chief lord
Kenward = brave, guard
Kerey = homeward bound
Kermit = church
Kern = band of infantry
Kerry = dark one
Kevin = handsome birth
Key = key
Kid = young goat
Kieran = missionary
Kilian = small and warlike
Kim = high and mighty
Kimball = hollow vessel, high and mighty
Kin = golden
Kinchen = family, clan, relatives
Kingsley = king’s meadow
Kinta = beaver
Kipling = smoked herring, male salmon
Kipp = pointed hill, peak
Kiral = king
Kirk = church, place near the church
Kirby = town with a church
Kistur = rider
Kitron = crown
Kiyoshi = quiet
Kline = small
Knoll = hillock, mound
Knute = race, type, kind
Korah = bald
Kramer = to squeeze, fill-up
Kurt = bold, wise, counselor
Kyle = narrow strait, channel between island
Kyloe = cow pasture

Laban = the beaming white one, the moon
Lachlan = warlike
Laddie = boy, young man, servant
Laertes = wisdom
Laffit = the faith
Laird = lord
Lake = basin, pond, lake
Lal = beloved
Lale = to sing to sleep, to sing a lullaby
Lambert = bright as a beautiful landscape
Lamont = the mountain
Lancelot = lance, spear
Landan = land, open space, territory
Lane = a path to move through
Lang = long, wide river crossing
Langundo = peaceful
Larron = robber
Larvell = to wash
Latham = district by the sea
Laval = lord, sudden stream
Lavern = springtime
Lawrence = laurel, bay tree
Lawton = village or houses on a hill
Lazarus = leper, beggar
Leander = man of lion’s strength
Leben = life
Ledell = meadowland
Lee = shelter, cover
Leek = gardener
Leeland = sheltered land
Legrand = the big, grand or great one
Lel = he takes
Lemeul = devoted to God
Len = tenant house
Lenis = gentle, moderate, calm, calm, soft
Lennor = spring, summer
Lensar = with his parents
Leo = lion
Leofric = beloved ruler
Leonard = strong as a lion
Leopold = people, bold
Leor = light
Leron = the circle
Leroy = the king
Leshem = precious stone
Leslie = low-lying meadow
Lester = fortress, castle
Lev = heart
Levant = to rise up, to raise
Levi = to join, to be attendant upon
Lewis = renowned warrior
Lex = dictionary, source of knowledge
Lian = to bind, protect
Liang = good, excellent
Liddon = to shelter, hide
Lief = praise, regard highly, hold dear, love
Lind = meadow/hill with linden trees
Lindsey = waterside linden trees
Linfred = gentle peace
Lingrel = hill, rising ground, bank
Linus = from a bird that eats linseed
Lipman = lover of mankind
Liron = song is mine
Lisle = strong, top quality, fine thread
Litton = little, town, village
Llewellyn = lion, leader, likeness
Lloyd = brown, grey
Locadio = place
Loch = lake or arm of the sea
Locke= lid, end, conclusion
Lodge = cottage, hut
Logan = record of performance, experience
Lombard = long-bearded
Lon = lion
Loral = to teach or instruct doctrines
Lord = guardian with power and authority
Loredo= miracle Italian town
Lorimer = slender vine branch
Lot = covering
Louis = renowned warrior
Lowell = love, praise
Loyal = legal, true, faithful
Luce = fish, pike
Lucius = to shine, glitter, be light
Lucky = fortune, fate
Ludovicus = famous, glory, warior
Ludwig = famous, renowned
Luke = man from Luciana
Lull = scolar, missionary
Lupo = little wolf
Luther = famous, distinguished fighter
Lutherum = slumber
Luzerne = lamp, instructor
Lyde = hill
Lyn = brook
Lyulf = flame, wolf

Mabry = worthy of love
Mac = son
Macabee = hammer
Macbeth = famous, royal
Mace = club, mace
Macon = to make, create, perform
Madison = power, strenght
Madoc = fortunate
Magen = protector
Magnus = great, considerable, noble
Magus = learned man, magician, wizard
Mahir = industrious
Mailen = mesh, chain mail
Maimon = good luck, good fortune
Major = greater
Malachai = my angel
Malcolm = servant, big-head
Maldon = sheltered meeting-place
Malik = master
Malise = servant of Jesus
Malory = male wild duck
Mamo = saffron flower
Manchu = pure
Mandel = almond
Mander = from myself
Manford = shallow river-crossing
Manfred = man of peace
Manger = shelter
Manheim = man of the home, sevant
Manipi = a walking wonder
Manley = guardian of the fields
Manning = to station, guard, care for
Mansur = helped by God, divinely assisted
Marden = dell near the sea
Marin = belonging to the sea, sailor
Marion = child of our wishes
Mark = to shine
Marlin = sea
Marnin = one who brings joy and songs
Marques = emblem, flag, mark
Marquis = ruler of a district
Marshall = groom, officer
Martin = warlike
Marvell = wonderful, extraordinary
Marvin = famous friend
Marx = to shine
Maskil = educated, learned
Massing = battle, belonging to
Masud = fortunate, lucky
Mato = brave
Matthew = gift of God
Maurice = dark-skinned, marsh
Maximilian = greatest, biggest, best
Maynard = power, strong, hard
Mazal-tov = lucky star
Medric = meadow, wealthy ruler
Meged = goodness, near perfection
Meinhard = heart, my beloved
Meir = radiant, shining
Melchior = king
Melville = village with a mill
Melvin = friendly meeting, mill-worker
Menachem = comforter
Menelaus = ruler
Mercury = planet closest to the sun
Meredith = great chief, defender of the sea
Merle = blackbird
Merlin = sea-hill fort
Merrick = ruler of the sea
Merripen = life and death
Merrit = derserving, valued
Methuselah = messenger
Michael = who can be like God
Midgard = midway place
Miles = beloved, gentle
Milileilani = to praise, give thanks
Milton = the village or town mill
Minor = less, younger
Minos = Greek mythologycal ruler
Minster = monastery church
Mircea = wonderfull, astonishing
Misu = rippling water
Mitford = small, shallow river-crossing
Modred = to bite, consume
Mohammed = praised, glorified
Mohan = delightful
Monford = mountain ford
Monita = alone
Monroe = turner
Montague = pointed mountain, big hill
Moon = moon
Mordecai = god of water
Morgan = brilliance
Morris = marshland, country dancing
Moses = saved from the water
Mozart = to cut off, take one’s breath away
Muraco = wite moon
Murdoch = sailor, leader of the sea
Murphy = from the sea, Irish potato
Murray = sea
Myron = myrrh

Naaman = beautiful, pleasant, good fortune
Nabil = prince, noble
Naboth = prophecy
Nadar = hope, nothing
Nahum = consoling
Namid = star dancer
Namir = leopard
Naphtali = wrestler
Napoleon = new town
Narain = god of creative energy
Narcissus = numbness
Nasser = victorious
Nathaniel = gift of God
Nav = name
Nayati = wrestler
Negev = south, southwards
Neil = champion
Neot = saint
Nestor = longevity and wisdom
Neville = new town
Nevin = middle
Newell = young, new
Newton = new town
Nicholas = people’s victory
Nicodemus = the people’s conqueror
Nigel = black, night, dark
Ninian = missionary, saint
Nir = ploughed, cultivated field of the Lord
Nissan = banner, flag, emblem
Nitis = good friend
Niv = speech
Noah = long-lived
Noam = charming, delightful
Noble = celebrated, renowned, famous
Noel = birthday, anniversary, festival
Noga = celebrated, a star
Nolan = famous, noble
Norbert = brilliant, hero
Norman = north
North = north
Noy = decked out by nature, bejewelled
Nuncio = announcer, bearer of good news
Nur = mountain of light
Nye = islander, island

Obediah = servant of God
Octavius = eight
Odam = son-in-law
Odell = song, otter
Odilo = saint
Odin = Norse mythological god of creation
Odo = rich
Odysseus = extended adventuror, wandering
Oedipus = fornicating murderer
Ofer = young deer
Offa = king of Mercia
Og = giant king
Ogden = oak tree valley
Ogier = rich, spier
Olaf = ancestor, remains
Oleg = holy
Olin = holly-tree, life
Oliver = peace
Omar = long life, most high
Ona = ass, donkey, clumsy person
Onan = prosperous
Opal = precious stone
Oral = mouth, speech
Orban = circle, globe, sovereign power
Orde = beginning, regular, logical, peaceful
Oren = pale, tall tree
Orestes = mountain
Orien = rising sun, morning sun
Original = beginning, source, birth, lineage
Orlando = gold, fire, strife
Orlov = gold, fire, strife
Ormond = serpent, elm tree
Orpheus = ear, entrancingly beautiful sound
Orson = bear
Osbert = illustrious god
Osbourne = divine strength
Osric = divine ruler
Oscar = divine spear, incredible strength
Osiris = god of the underworld
Osman = servant of God
Osmand = protected by God
Oswald = god of the forest
Oswin = friend of God
Otis = ear
Otto = prosperous
Overton = higher town or village
Ovid = egg
Owen = excellent, fortunate
Oz = strength
Ozni = ear

Paco = eagle
Padget = child, pageboy
Painton = country people
Pal = brother
Palmer = palm tree
Pan = all
Pancho = feather, plume
Paris = son of a king
Parish = neighbour
Parke = enclosure, walled-in park
Parley = discource
Parry = son of Harry
Parson = person of the church
Partha = virgin
Pascoe = to pass-over
Patrick = member of Roman nobility
Patrin = leaf, leader
Paul = small
Paxton = town of peace
Pelagius = sea
Pelham = skin, hide, pelt
Penini = coral, pearl
Penn = writer, clerk, commander
Pentecost = fiftieth day
Pepin = petitioner
Pepper = berry, spicy, high-spirited
Percival = warior, knight
Peregrine = foreigner
Peretz = blossom, burst forth
Peter = rock
Petit = small, delicate
Phelim = constantly good
Philander = fond of mankind
Philbert = glowing with light
Philemon = kiss
Philip = someone who loves horses
Philmore = lover of the sea
Phineas = dark-skinned, negro
Phoebus = bright, shining
Phoenix = purple
Pias = fun
Piers = rock
Pirro = with flaming hair
Pius = dutiful, devout, loyal, kind, respectful
Placid = gentle, peaceful, mild
Plato = broad, flat
Poco = little
Pomeroy = apple, gardiner
Pompey = young vine shoot, vine leaf
Pope = father, bishop
Porter = to carry
Pov = earth
Powell = son of Howell
Prentice = apprentice, to understand
Preston = priests’s town, cottage
Priam = King of Troy
Price = son of Rice
Priestley = elder of the church
Primo = first, foremost, distinguised
Prince = the most distinguised, the principal
Prior = first, superior, better, more excellent
Proctor = producer, creator, author
Prospero = to make things succeed
Puck = fame, bright
Purnal = pear
Purvis = to foresee, look after, provide
Putnam = pruner

Quentin = fifth
Quirinal = son of Mars

Rabi = fragriant breeze
Rachamin = compassion, understanding
Radburn = stream with red-coloured stones
Radomil = love of peace
Rafferty = rich and prosperous
Rainer = kingship, influence
Raja = king
Raleigh = roe deer, grassland, meadow
Ralph = fearless advisor
Ramsey = male sheep, island
Ran = mythological god of the sea
Ranan = fresh, luxuriant
Randolph = shield, wolf, carageous protector
Ranen = singing for joy
Ranger = wanderer
Ransom = release, rescue, redemption
Raphael = God has healed
Rastus = loved, desired
Raven = dark complexed, eyes and hair
Ravi = sun
Ravid = jewellery, adornment
Ravinder = rush of water, enthusiasm
Raviv = God will provide
Ray = stream, river
Rayburn = a stream where deer go
Raymond = wisdom, advice, guardian
Raynor = wisdom, advice, army people
Razi = secret
Read = bright, council, red, fiery
Redford = red, river-crossing
Reeves = assembly
Regan = wise king, little king
Reginald = strength, great warrior
Remus = as swift as possible
Renatus = to be born again, to rise up
Renfred = wise and peaceful council
Reuben = behold, a son
Reuel = friend of God
Rex = king, ruler, leader
Reynard = wise, strong, bold, brave
Rhodric = rose, wealth, power
Rhys = rashness
Richard = powerful, wealthy, ruling, strong
Rida = favoured
Rider = to clear, make space, rescue
Riley = small stream, brooke
Rimon = pomegranate
Ring = symbolising eternity
Riordan = bard, royal poet
Ripley = shelter, cover
Ritter = mounted warrior, knight
Rivers = mixture of ups and downs of life
Roarke = famous ruler
Robert = bright
Rochester = stone, fortress
Rockwell = a well in the rock, to gently rock
Roderick = wealthy, famous ruler
Rodney = island of reeds
Roger = fame, spear, renowned warrior
Roland = renowned troughout the land
Rolf = renowned for bravery and courage
Rollo = brave warrior
Romain = citizen of Rome
Romeo = citizen of Rome
Romi = exalted, high-up
Romulus = founder and ruler of Rome
Ronald = great warrior
Roone = mystery, secret, rune
Rory = red
Ross = penisular, field of roses
Roswell = mighty horseman
Rowan = slender as a lance, fair
Rowland = rugged land
Roy = red, king
Ruby = red, highly valued
Rudolph = famous for boldness and courage
Rudyard = red, pole
Rufus = red-heads, royal approval
Rupert = bright
Russell = red, artistocrat
Ryan = little king

Saadia = support, help
Sabas = monk, teacher
Sabath = rest
Sabin = martyr
Sacheverell = without leather
Sagi = mighty, strong
Sakima = king
Salathiel = requested of God
Sale = salt, salt water, common sense
Salem = peace of Zion
Salim = flawless, perfect
Salvador = preserved, saved, unharmed
Sami = exalted, high up
Samir = entertainer
Samson = child of the sun
Samuel = heard by God
Sanche = landowner, conquerer
Sanford = sandy river crossing
Santiago = supplanter, follower
Saphir = precious to the planet Saturn
Sardis = carnelian, red semi-precious stone
Sarto = mender
Saturnino = sowing, planting
Saul = asked for, borrowed
Saville = prophet, wise old man
Sawyer = someone who saws
Saxon = knife
Sayer = victorious people
Scipio = staff, walking stick
Scott = from Scotland
Seabrook = place where brook enters sea
Sean = Irish of John, God is kind, merciful
Sear = battle
Sebastian = venerable
Sebert = notable victory
Segel = treasure
Segev = majestic
Selden = wonderful, strange, rare
Selig = blessed, holy
Selwyn = blessed valuable friend
Senior = old
Septimus = seventh son
Seraf = to burn, celestial being
Sereno = clear, serene, bright
Serge = silk
Serle = armour
Sergent = one who serves
Seth = appointed
Seton = seaside town
Sevilen = beloved
Sewal = victory, strength
Sexton = church keeper
Sextus = sixth son
Seymour = wild coastal land
Shaanan = peaceful
Shafer = beautiful
Shamir = diamond
Shamus = Irish James, God is kind, merciful
Sharif = honest
Sharon = flat area, plain
Shaw = the far edge
Shearman = cloth cutter
Shelley = rocky, hilltop, field
Shem = name
Shep = sheep
Shepherd = shepherd, symbolism of Christ
Shepley = sheep pastureland
Sheraga = light
Sherill = area of land, hill
Sherira = strong
Sherwood = friend of the district
Shing = victory
Sholto = shower
Shushan = lily, city of white lilies
Sidney = poet, crytic, soldier, god of Nysa
Siegfried = victory, peace
Siegmund = victory, guardian, protector
Signe = signal, token, banner, image
Silas = to borrow, snub-nosed
Silver = silversmith
Silvester = wood, forest
Simcha = joy
Simen = alike
Simon = he heard, snub-nosed
Sinclair = Saint Clair
Sinbad = sailor
Siva = auspicious, Lord of the Dance
Sivan = wood, forest
Siward = guardian of victory, sea
Skelly = storyteller
Skipper = ship’s captain
Smith = blacksmith
Snowden = snow, sheltered place
Socrates = Greek philosopher
Sol = the sun, sunshine
Solomon = man of peace
Somerby = town across fields, nearby town
Songan = strong
Sorrell = light chestnut-brown colour
Spalding = meadow devided by river, path
Spark = to burn, alight, set in motion
Speed = prosperity, whealth, success
Speer = spear, keeper, protector
Spencer = steward, butler
Spike = point, spike, ear of a corn
Spiro = breathe of life
Sproule = energetic, active
Squire = esquire, any man’s attendant
Stacey = resurrection
Stafford = walking stick, stick to cross ford
Stanhope = stone, hope, hop
Stanislav = glory of the camp
Stanley = stone, stoney meadow, field, town
Stedman = owner of a farmstead
Stephen = crown
Sterling = star
Stiggur = gate
Stockton = town near the felled trees
Stoke = village
Storm = tempestuous wheather
Storr = great one
Strahan = poet, wise man
Stratford = street, shallow river crossing
Stringfellow = man who strings instruments
Strom = mattress, bed
Struther = stream
Stuart = steward, keeper
Styles = writing, composing, style, pen
Sudi = luck
Sucat = warrior
Sullivan = hilltop, field
Sully = stain
Sultan = prince, ruler
Sunny = bright, energetic, cheerful
Sutcliff = south
Sutherland = man from Sethland, Scotland
Sven = from Sweden, boy
Swain = boy, attendant
Sweeney = little hero
Swithin = strong man
Syshe = sweet

Tabbai = good
Tabib = doctor, physician
Tabor = drum
Taffy = Welsh for David, beloved
Taft = river
Tahir = pure
Tal = dew
Talbot = Botolph’s river
Talcott = lake, lakeside cottage, hill
Talia = a lamb
Talmai = small hill
Talman = deprive, opress, injure
Talor = morning dew
Tamir = date palm tree
Tancred = think, counsel, advise
Tanner = a man who treats skins and hides
Tannhauser = lyrical poet, romantic legend
Taro = big boy
Tarver = to soften and whiten hides
Tas = bird’s nest
Tate = cheerful, spirited
Tavi = good
Tavish = twin
Tawno = small, tiny
Taylor = maker of clothes
Taz = basin, goblet, pile, heap
Teague = poet
Telford = earth, globe, shallow river-crossing
Tem = country
Teman = right side, south
Temple = open space, sanctuary
Tennyson = son of Tenny
Terence = great and influencial Roman
Thadford = shallow river-crossing
Thalmus = bloom, rebirth, springtime
Thanatos = death
Thane = man
Thatcher = thatch
Thelmus = will
Theobald = people, bold
Theodore = gift of God, divine gift
Theodoric = people’s ruler
Theophilus = loved by God
Theron = hunter
Theros = summer
Thomas = twin
Thor = the thunderer
Thornton = town, village near thornbushes
Thorpe = village, farmstead, hamlet
Thoth = god of moon, wisdom, learning
Thron = raised seat
Thurman = servant of Thor, god of thunder
Thurstan = Thor’s stone, jewel
Tiberius = the river Tiber
Tibon = fond of nature
Tibor = holy place, sacrificial spot
Tiger = tiger, ferocity
Tilden = fertile and well-protected field
Timon = unthinking generosity
Timothy = honour, respect, god
Tinsley = fortified field
Titus = day, sun
Tobbar = road
Tobias = God is good
Todd = fox
Toller = toll, tax
Topaz = gemstone
Torbert = sunny peak
Torrance = great and influencial Roman
Toussaint = all saints
Townsend = edge, end of the town
Toy = one who trifles
Tracey = manage, handle, investigate, follow
Trahern = strong as iron
Travis = cross-roads
Trevor = great homestead
Trini = tree, triad, Trinity
Tristam = sorrowful, mournful, noise
Troth = faithfulness, honesty, loyalty
Troy = Greek legendary city
Truman = totally loyal, trustworthy man
Tucker = cloth finisher
Tullis = title of honor, reputation, fame
Turlough = great and influencial freeman
Turner = to turn on a lathe
Tycoon = prince, great lord
Tydeus = Greek mythological chief
Tyrone = absolute, oppressive ruler, prince
Tuson = firebird
Tzevi = deer

Udell = yew-tree valley
Ulem = learned, wise
Ull = magnificent
Ulric = whealthy, powerful, ruler
Ultimus = final, highest, winner, greatest
Ulysses = commander, president
Umberto = umber, earthy colour
Upton = upper town
Uranus = heaven
Urban = citizen of a town
Uriah = light
Urian = town
Ursel = bear
Utgard = invincible giant
Uzi = my strength


Vada = ford, shallow water
Vail = valley
Valentine = strong, brave, powerful, healthy
Valerius = to be strong, healthy
Vali = son of a god, avenger
Vander = belonging to
Vane = belonging to
Vaughan = small
Vedie = I saw
Venice = kindness, mercy, forgiveness
Venn = fair
Verdo = to be green
Vere = truth, reality, integrity
Vered = rose
Vernon = vernal, belonging to spring
Veston = clothing
Vibert = life, shining, bright, illustrious
Victor = victorious
Vidar = tactical and slow-witted
Vincent = to conquer, to be victorious
Virgil = maidenly, like a virgin
Virginius = manly race
Virtue = manlyness
Vitas = life, living, mankind, a lifetime
Vivian = a life, possessing life
Vladimir = world prince
Volley = to fly


Wadell = to wade, manor with shallow lake
Wagner = wagon driver, charioteer
Waights = road
Wainwright = wagon-maker
Walbert = strong, good wall
Walker = fuller of cloth
Wallace = foreigner, stranger
Walter = ruler over folk, people
Waltheof = power, rule, thief
Walton = fortified town
Wapi = lucky
Ward = to guard, defend, protect
Warner = folk
Warren = from old German folk name Varin
Warwick = village hero
Washington = home of the Wassa people
Watly = wattle
Wayland = land beside the road
Wayne = meadow
Weaver = waterside path
Webster = weaver
Welcome = gives pleasure by arrival
Wellington = willow, well, hill
Wen = winter
Wendell = fair, to move forward
Wesh = woods, forest
Wesley = west, grassland
Whitfield = tiny field
Wilber = willow, well, bright
Wilder = wilderness
Wilfred = desire for peace
William = resolute protector
Willoughby = house beside willow trees
Winfred = friend of peace, gentle friend
Winston = victorious town
Witt = fair, white
Woden = Wednesday
Wolcott = cottage in a field
Wolf = strong as a wolf
Woodrow = woody hedge
Worthy = valuable
Wulfstan = wolf
Wyatt = water
Wycliffe = village near the cliff
Wynham = village with a twisting lane
Wystan = battle, stone


Xanthus = yellow
Xavier = bright
Xenophon = stranger’s voice
Xerxes = king
Xylon = wood, forest


Yadid = dear friend
Yagil = rejoice
Yakir = beloved, honoured
Yale = old
Yank = John, God is kind and merciful
Yarb = fragrant herb
Yardley = enclosure, residence
Yarkon = green
Yashar = honest, with high morals
Yavin = God will understand
Yehudi = praise
Yigal = God will redeem
Yora = to teach
Yorick = Danish farm labouror
Yucel = sublime
Yudan = law, judgement
Yukio = snowboy
Yule = jol, heathen festival
Yuma = son of the chief
Yves = John, God is kind and merciful


Zabdi = my gift
Zachariah = remembrance of God
Zahid = self-denying, ascetic
Zahur = flower
Zakkai = pure, innocent
Zamir = song
Zebulun = to honour, praise
Zedekiah = God is goodness
Zehavi = gold, brilliantly bright
Zeira = small
Zeke = intelligent
Zemer = branch, song of praise
Zeno = sign
Zephaniah = protected, highly valued by God
Zephyr = the west wind
Zera = seed
Zerah = morning brightness
Zetan = olive
Zeus = brightness, sky
Zev = wolf
Zia = to tremble
Zinn = the genus of tropical plants
Zion = hill in Jerusalem
Ziv = to shine out brightly
Zohar = radiant light
Zoie = breath of life
Zola = toll, tax, price


Abigail = source of joy, well-heeled
Abira = strong, heroic
Abra = mother of multitudes/earth
Acacia = thorny
Acantha = shrp-pointed, thorny
Accalia = notorious mythological mother
Ada = joyous, prosperous, noble, blessed
Adah = ornament, beauty
Adara = virgin
Adela = noble
Adelaide = noble rank/station
Adeline = noble
Adeplha = sisterly, sister to mankind
Adesina = firstborn starting a family
Adiel = ornament of the Lord
Aditi = abundance, creative power
Adopha = noble wolf
Adora = beautiful woman
Adorna = embelish, beautify, splendour
Adrian = rich, black, mysterious, dark one
Affrica = love, beloved, free
Afina = blueberry
Afra = young female deer
Agate = precious stone
Agatha = good, kind woman
Aglaia = spendid, brilliant
Agnes = pure, chaste, lamb
Aharona = sing, shine, teach, mountain
Ahimsa = reverant life, cure for all problems
Ahulani = heavenly shrine
Aida = to help, assist
Ailene = bringing spiritual light into world
Ain = own, belonging to oneself
Aislinn = vision, dream
Aithne = little fire
Aiyana = eternal bloom
Akako = red
Akasma = white climbing rose
Aki = autumn
Alaina = harmony, peace, bright, fair
Alamea = precious
Alarice = ruler over all
Alaula = dawn light, sunset glow
Alberta = noble and illustrious
Albina = white
Alcestis = heroin
Alcina = strong-minded
Alda = old, wise
Aldith = experienced in fighting
Aleph = leader, princes, head, chief
Aleria = eagle, strength, swift
Alethea = truth
Alexandra = man’s defender and protector
Alfreda = woman of wise judegement
Algoma = valley of flowers
Alice = of noble birth
Alida = little winged girl
Alika = beautiful girl outshing all other
Alima = skilled in music and dance
Alison = of noble birth
Aliya = to ascend, rise up
Aliza = joy
Allegra = merry, cheerful, lively, brisk
Allonia = oak tree
Alma = maiden, spirit, soul, warm-hearted
Almeria = hard-working ruler
Almita = benign and kindly behaviour
Alodie = wealthy
Aloha = warm feelings of greetings/farewell
Alpha = first, leader, beginning
Alphonsine = noble, ready, apt
Alta = tall, high
Altair = bird
Althea = healthy, wholesome
Alula = the first one, winged one
Alura = divine or wise counsellor
Alva = injustice
Alvina = a strong and wise woman
Alyssum = sane, sensible
Alzena = woman, lovely, fidelity, beauty
Amabel = lover, beautiful, lovely
Amalia = the labour/promise of God
Amalthea = god-nourishing
Amanda = worthy of love
Amarinda = long-lived
Amaryllis = refreshing, sparkling
Amber = resin or fosil with power to cure
Ambrosia = immortality, elixir of life
Amelia = toil, ambition, earnest striving
Amethyst = intoxicated, violet precious stone
Amia = people, my friend
Amina = truth, certainty, affirmation, amen
Aminta = protector
Amira = princess
Amity = friendship
Amorette = beloved, sweetheart, little deer
Amy = love
Anastasia = resurrection, rise again
Anatola = rising sun
Andra = a breath
Andrea = womanly
Andromeda = savaged beautiful maiden
Anamone = wind-flower
Angahard = much beloved
Angela = messenger
Angelica = like an angel, the fairest
Anna = heroin, God favoured me
Annabella = loveable, beautiful
Anne = God favoured me, loveable, beautiful
Annunciata = bearer of news
Anthea = flowery
Antigone = contrary, born
Antoinette = flourishing, priceless, intelligent
Anzu = apricot, timid love
Aphrodite = born of foam, most beautiful
Apoline = concerning or belonging to Apollo
April = open to the sun, growth, life
Arabella = eagle, altar, beautiful
Arachne = spider, spider’s web
Arazie = inspiring river
Ardelia = to be on fire, sparkle, dazzle
Arethusa = transformed into a spring
Argenta = silver
Aria = melody, air, tune
Ariadne = extremely divine
Ariel = name for Jerusalem, city of David
Arista = best, grain
Arline = girl
Armilla = bracelet
Armina = soldier
Armona = castle, palace
Arnoldine = eagle, power
Arta = rock, bear
Artemis = goddess of moon, hunt, animals
Aruna = dawn light
Arva = countryside, fields, pastureland
Asa = born in the morning, healer
Asenath = possession of, belonging to
Ashira = wealthy
Asoka = non-sorrow tree
Aspasia = welcome
Asphodel = family of lilies
Astera = star
Astrid = god, divine, strength
Atalanta = skilled and beautiful huntress
Athena = virgin goddess of wisdom
Atida = the future
Audrey = noble
Augusta = majestic, venerable, worthy
Aura = gentle breeze, zephyr
Aurelia = gold coin, splendid, beautiful
Aurora = dawn
Avalon = island
Averil = boar, favour, protection
Avis = refuge in war
Avital = God is my father
Aviva = springtime, springlike
Azelea = dry
Aziza = beloved, dear
Azura = lapis lazuli

Bairn = child
Bakula = blossoming plant
Bambalina = little child
Baptista = to dip
Barbara = foreign, strange, unkown quantity
Basilia = royal
Bathild = fighter for honour and truth
Bathsheba = seventh daughter, pleasure, oath
Batya = daughter of God
Beata = blessed, happy
Beatrice = bearer of happiness and blessings
Behira = dazzling
Belinda = beautiful, snake
Belle = beautiful
Belva = beautiful to look at, vantage point
Bena = wise
Benedicta = to bless, speak well of, praise
Benjamina = woman of my right hand
Berenice = bearer of victory or good news
Bernadette = bold as a bear
Bertha = bright, illustrious
Bertilde = gleaming battle maid
Beryl = sea-green precious stone, crystal
Beta = second letter, most important star
Beth = house, worshipper of God
Bethel = house of God
Bettula = maiden, young girl
Betty = oath of God
Beulah = who is to be married, ruled over
Beverley = meadow of the beaver
Bevin = sweet-singing maiden
Bibi = toy, bauble
Bijou = jewel, ring
Bilhah = old, weak
Billie = hope, resolution, determination
Binnie = crib, wicker basket
Bira = fort, capital
Bird = bird
Blair = place, field, battle
Blanche = white
Blandina = seductive, flattering, affable
Blaze = torch, shining, to blow, proclaim
Bliss = happiness and joy
Blowden = white flower
Blossom = a plant or tree in flower
Blythe = mild, gentle, kind
Bo = precious
Bona = builder
Bonita = pretty
Bonnie = good
Brandy = brandy-wine
Brenda = Bran the blessed
Brian = strong, hill
Bridget = strong, high
Brilliant = sparkling
Britannia = Latin name for Britan
Bronwen = fair-bosomed
Brook = to enjoy, be rewarded, small stream
Brunella = brown-haired
Brunhild = armour, fight
Bryna = strength, honour
Bubbles = toy, bauble
Bunty = little rabbit
Butterfly = colourful, large-winged insect

Cadence = to fall like the rhythms of music
Calandra = lark
Calantha = beautiful blossom
Calida = warm, ardent
Calista = most beautiful
Callan = to chatter, to cry out
Calliope = beautiful-voiced
Callula = beautiful little girl
Calpurnia = beautiful prostitute
Calypso = to cover, conceal
Camellia = flower, japonica
Cameo = different coloured precious stone
Camilla = messenger, attendant at ritual
Canace = daughter of the wind
Candide = to be white, glow with heat
Caprice = head, hedgehog
Cara = friend, dear, diamond, precious jewel
Cari = keel
Carita = charity, kindness
Carla = freewoman
Carma = a field of fruit, vineyard
Carmen = to sing, praise, be lyrical
Carmine = deep vived red
Carna = flesh, horn, horn of the Lord
Carnation = flesh-coloured
Carnelian = translucent, semi-precious stone
Carol = round dance, to celebrate in song
Caroline = freewoman
Carpathia = fruit
Casey = brave
Cassandra = entangler of men
Cassia = herb, cinnamon bark
Casta = pious, modest
Catherine = pure
Cecilia = blind, hearthstone
Celandine = swallow, yellow-flowered plant
Celena = one of seven daughters of Atlas
Celeste = heaven, divine
Celosia = flame, store-room
Ceres = of the spring
Ceridwen = poetry, fair, white
Chandelle = candle
Chandra = eminent, illustrious, moon
Chantal = sing out loud and clear
Charity = favour, grace, dear, affection
Charlotte = free woman
Charmain = drop of joy
Chastity pure, virtuous, decent
Chaya = life
Cheera = face
Chenetta = goose, oak tree
Chenoa = white dove
Chere = dear, beloved, dear friend
Cherry = a sweet red fruit
Chesna = peaceful
Chilali = snowbird
Chemene = hospitable
Chita = kitten
Chizu = a thousand storks
Chloe = green, verdant
Cholris = blooming, fresh
Cho = born at dawn, butterfly
Choomia = kiss
Christabel = annointed one, beautiful
Christine = christen
Christmas = mass of Christ
Chrysanthemum = gold, flower
Chrysogon = born of gold
Cinderella = ashes
Clare = clear, shining, evident, famous
Clarette = clear red
Claudia = limping, lame, crippled, defective
Cleantha = praise, glory, flower
Clemence = kind, gentle, calm
Cleopatra = glory of her father
Clio = to praise, acclaim
Cloelia = courageous heroine
Clorinda = renowned, verdant, beautiful
Clotilda = renowned in battle
Clove = nail
Clover = to cling
Clymene = famous
Clytie = splendid
Colette = people’s victory
Colleen = girl
Columbine = female dove
Comfort = to strenghten, ease pain
Conception = conceive, reproduce, begin
Concha = shell
Concordia = agreement, state of peace
Constance = to stand together, loyal
Consuela = to free from sadness, comfort
Content = completely satisfied, fulfilled
Cora = maiden
Coral = pebble
Cordelia = daughter of the sea
Cornelia = tree,hard-hearted, insensible
Corona = crown
Cosima = universe
Courtney = companion
Creola = home-bred, to create
Crescent = to grow, increase
Cressida = adalterous woman
Crystal = ice
Cuthberga = famous, bright, illustrious
Cybele = cult leader
Cymbeline = chief and ruler
Cymry = just Welsh
Cynara = thistle, artichoke
Cynthia = goddess of moon
Cypris = from Cyprus
Cyr = lord, like a lord
Cytherea = love

Daffodil = bright yellow spring flower
Dagania = corn, ceremonial grain
Dagmar = joy of the Dane
Dahlia = big, bright-coloured flower
Daisy = day’s eye
Dale = valley
Dama = gentle and noble lady
Damalis = tamer, conquerer
Damaris = heifer, gentleness
Dana = God is my judge
Danica = morning star
Danielle = God is my judge
Dantel = to endure, be patient
Daphne = laurel, bay tree
Dara = compassion, to have courage, daring
Daria = compassion, to have courage
Darleen = beloved, worthy, favourite
Daron = murderous leader
Davene = God’s beloved
Dawn = daybreak
Daya = bird
Deborah = a bee, to speak with eloquence
Decima = tenth
Dee = black, dark
Degula = outstanding, excellent
Deirdre = raging/broken-hearted one, young
Delia = ring
Delicia = to allure, charm, give pleasure
Delilah = guide, leader, poor, hair
Delma = of the sea
Delpha = dolphin
Demelda = to proclaim, speak out loud
Demetria = earth mother
Denise = martyr’s hill
Denna = glen, valley
Derora = flowing, stream
Desdemona = woman of bad fortune
Desire = to long for, crave, wish
Desma = bond, pledge
Deva = god, divine
Dextra = right hand side, skilful
Diamanta = unconquerable
Diana = god-like, divine, the bright one
Diantha = heavenly flower
Dickla = palm or date tree
Dido = foundress
Dillian = image for worship, apparition
Dilys = genuine, perfect, true
Dimitra = earth mother
Dinah = vindication, judgement
Dione = divine queen
Ditza = joy
Dixie = active sprite
Doda = friend, aunt
Dolcila = gentle, amenable
Dolores = lady of sorrows
Dominica = servant of God
Donalda = world ruler, proud ruler
Donata = gift, derserving of gifts
Donna = lady, woman worthy of respect
Dorcas = gazelle
Dorette = gift of God, divine gift
Doris = bountiful, from the ocean, knife
Dorit = generation
Dorma = to sleep
Doronit = gift
Dorothea = gift of God, divine gift
Dova = dove
Dreama = to sing, to make happy, joyful
Druella = elfin vision
Drusilla = soft-eyed
Duana = song
Dudee = star, bright light
Dulcie = sweet
Dusha = soul
Dymphna = one fit to be
Dysis = sunset

Eartha = ground, country, world
Easter = where the sun rises
Ebony = ebony tree
Edda = poetry
Edga = happy, fortunate, rich, spear
Edith = wealthy, fortunate, war
Edna = happiness, rich gift
Edwina = happy friend
Efrata = distinguished, respected
Efrona = sweet-singing bird
Eileen = rock, bear
Eiluned = idol
Eirene = peace
Elana = spirited, tree
Eldora = gilded
Eleanor = the bright one, light
Electra = amber, one that shines brilliantly
Elizabeth = oath of God
Ella = fairy maiden, all
Ellen = the bright one, light
Elma = apple
Elsa = swan
Elva = spry, quick-witted, clever
Elvira = wise counsel
Elysia = blissful, ideal happiness
Elza = God is my joy
Emerald = green precious stone
Emily = toil, ambition, earnest striving
Emma = universal, whole
Emuna = faith
Ena = fire
Enid = soul, purity, flawless
Eolande = dawn, land to the east
Erica = honourable ruler
Erin = Ireland, peace
Ermintrude = whole, universe, strength
Estelle = star
Esther = myrtle, star
Ethel = noble
Euclea = glory
Eudora = good, pleasant, gifted
Eugenia = excellent, well-born, fortunate
Eulalia = sweetly spoken
Eunice = good victory
Euphemia = well-spoken
Eustacia = plentiful, corn, fruitful
Evangeline = to preach the Christian faith
Eve = breath of life
Evelyn = hazel-nut

Fabia = bean
Faith = trust, loyalty, devotion
Faline = cat
Fancy = to make visible
Fanny = a free woman
Farrah = beautiful, pleasant, happiness
Fawn = offspring
Fay = fairy, fidelity
Fayme = reputation, public esteem, acclaim
Felicia = great happiness
Fern = flowerless plant with green fronds
Filomela = someone who loves singing
Filomena = someone loving harmony/music
Fiona = white, fair
Flavia = golden yellow, blonde
Fleta = clean, beautiful, inlet of water
Flora = flower
Florence = blossoming, flourishing
Fonda = to melt, profound
Fortunata = luck, chance
Frances = a free woman
Frayda = joy
Frederica = peaceful ruler
Freya = noble lady
Frieda = peace

Gabriela = strong woamn of God
Gail = source of joy
Gal = spring, foutain, hill, courageous
Gana = gardan
Gardenia = genus of evergreen plants
Garland = golden ornament, wreath flowers
Garnet = grain, promegranate
Garniata = to provide for, embellish, garnish
Gay = lively, full of joy
Gayora = valley of light
Gazelle = small antelope, delicacy
Gedual = greatness, big
Gemma = fullness, a precious stone
Genevia = juniper-tree
Genevieve = womankind
Georgia = farm labourer
Geraldine = one of the Fitzgeralds
Germain = fullness, a precious stone
Gertrude = spear, strength, wizard
Gigi = desire to be illustrious, servant
Gila = joy
Gilana = joy
Gilda = gloss over, superficially attractive
Gillian = soft-haired, fair complexed
Gina = garden
Giselle = sword
Gladys = ruler, princess
Glenda = fair, white circle
Gloria = fame, renown, praise, honour
Glynis = narrow mountain-valley
Golda = gold, wealth
Gozala = young bird
Grace = pleasing, effortlessly charming
Gracilia = slender
Greta = pearl, child of light
Griselda = grey, battle
Guinevere = fair, white, phantom
Gwawr = dawn
Gwendolen = fair, white circle
Gwyneth = blessed

Habiba = lover
Hadara = deck out with beauty
Hadassah = myrtle tree
Haley = hero
Halina = likeness, resemblance
Hana = flower, blossom
Hanah = God favoured me
Harmony = agreement in feelings, concord
Harriet = house, ruler, wealth, power
Hasia = protected by the Lord
Hawa = breath of life
Hayat = life
Hazel = hazel-nut
Heather = small heathland shrub
Hebe = young
Helen = the bright one, light
Helga = pious, religious
Hephziba = my desire is in her
Herma = square stone pillar
Hermione = protector and messenger
Hero = beautiful priestess of Venus
Hesper = evening, evening star
Hester = myrtle, star
Hestia = hearth, life
Hilary = jovial, lively, cheerful, boisterous
Hilda = battle
Hisa = long-lasting, longevity
Holly = holly-tree
Honey = honey, sweet
Honor = recognition, acknowledgement
Hope = to wish with optimism
Hortense = garden
Hoshi = star
Hula = to make music
Haycinth = precious blue stone, sapphire

Ianthe = sea-nymph goddess
Ida = protection, possession, labour, woman
Idra = fig-tree, flag
Idris = fiery lord
Ignatia = fire
Ilka = of that same standing
Ilona = beautiful
Imogen = image, likeness, imitation
Inge = meadow, to extend, belong to
Iola = dawn cloud, violet colour
Iona = small island of the Inner Hebrides
Iora = gold
Iphigenia = sacrificed daugther of god
Irene = peace
Iris = rainbow, iris of the eye
Irma = Irmin, god of war
Isabel = oath of God
Isadora = gift of Isis
Ismenia = love
Isolde = to rule, fair maiden
Ivy = clingning vines, faithfulness

Jacqueline = supplanter, follower
Jade = gemstones, inferior horse, jaded
Jael = mountain goat, to go up, ascend
Jaffa = beautiful, attractive
Jaime = supplanter, follower
Jamila = beautiful, lovely
Jane = God is kind and merciful
Janet = God is kind and merciful
Japonica = Japan, a climbing plant
Jardena = to flow downward, descend
Jasmin = an olive flower
Jean = God is kind and merciful
Jemima = dove
Jennifer = fair, white, phantom
Jerusha = inheritance
Jessie = riches, a gift
Jesusa = Maria de Jesus, lady of sorrows
Jethra = wealth, abundance
Jetta = stone of Gagai, hard black gemstone
Jewel = game, jest
Jezebel = impure, not respected
Jill = soft haired, fair complexioned
Joan = God is kind and merciful
Jobina = to be hostile, hated, oppressed
Jocelin = descendants of Goths, champion
Joel = God is willing
Jolie = high spirited
Jora = autumn rain
Josephine = God will multiply
Jovita = jovial, born under Jupiter
Joy = merry
Joyce = merry
Jubilee = rams horn, declare year of fests
Judith = praise
Julia = soft haired, fair complexioned
June = young
Justina = upright, righteous, true, lawful

Kagami = mirror, reflection of parents love
Kaimana = diamond
Kalila = beloved, sweetheart
Kalyca = rosebud
Kameko = tortoise
Kanani = a beauty
Kara = sweet-singing swan
Karla = freewoman
Karima = generous, noble
Karmiti = trees
Karniela = horn of the Lord
Kasimira = commands peace
Kasota = clear sky
Katherine = pure
Kay = rejoice
Kedma = towards the East
Keely = beautiful girl
Kefira = young lioness
Kelda = fountain, spring, deep water
Kelila = crown of laurel
Kelly = warrior, princess
Kemba = Saxon Lord
Kenna = to make known, tell, ability, know
Keren = animal horn
Kerry = dark one
Keshet = rainbow, bow
Keshisha = an elder, wise, respect
Ketifa = to pluck a flower
Ketzia = ground up, sweet-scented bark
Kichi = fortunate
Kiku = chrysantthemum, longevity
Kimi = sovereign, the best
Kin = related, of the family
Kineta = active person
Kirsten = church, of the Lord
Kismet = destiny, fate
Kitra = crown
Koko = stork
Koren = maiden
Korenet = to shine out
Kyna = wisdom, intelligence
Kyra = throne
Kyrene = lord

Liala = night, dark-haired
Lala = tulip flower
Lalita = honest, charming, straightforward
Lamorna = morning
Lana = woolly, downy
Lara = nymph daughter, talked to much
Larisa = playfulness, jollity
Lark = birds, sustained and melodious song
Lass = young girl, sweetheart
Laulani = heavenly branch
Laurel = bay tree
Lauve = keeper of the bread, lord of manor
Lavender = genus of aromatic plants
Lavinia = link between mortals and gods
Leah = to be weary
Leala = faithful to obligations, loyal
Leda = beautiful queen of Sparta
Lee = meadowland, shelter, cover
Leeba = beloved
Leilani = heavenly flower
Lena = to dwell, sleep
Leoma = light, brightness
Leona = lion, strength
Leora = light
Lera = the king
Lesley = low-lying meadow
Letifa = gentle
Letitia = unrestrained joy
Levanna = lifting up, rising sun
Levia = to join, be attendant upon
Levina = lightning
Lewanna = the beaming white one, moon
Liana = to bind
Liberty = freedom
Lilac = indigo, blue
Lilian = lily
Lilith = belonging to the night
Lilo = generous
Linda = beautiful, snake
Linden = beautiful, snake
Lirit = like a lyre
Liron = song is mine
Lodemai = pilot, guide
Lois = good, desirable
Lolita = freewoman
Lora = thin wine made from husks of grapes
Lindsey = waterside linden trees
Linnea = small blue Sweden flower
Linnett = lax, bird
Lioba = beautiful, generous missionary
Lorelei = song, melody
Lorice = thong, slender wine branch
Loris = clown
Lorna = romantic heroin
Lotus = fruit, self-indulgent pleasure
Louise = renowned warrior
Loveday = day for settling disputes
Lucania = fish, pike
Lucia = to shine, glitter, be light
Lucretia = purity and chastity
Ludella = renonwed and clever elf
Ludmilla = beloved by the people
Lulie = to soothe, cause to sleep, dispel fears
Luna = moon
Lupita = a little wolf
Lydia = a woman from Lydia
Lynn = brook
Lyris = lyre
Lysandra = free


Mabel = worthy of love
Madra = mother
agdalene = high tower
Magna = great, noble, mighty
Magnolia = large pale pink blossom tree
Mahala = barren
Mahina = moon
Mahira = speed, energy, young arab horse
Mahola = dance
Maia = faire-haired daughter
Maida = maiden, young unmarried girl
Mairead = magistrate, judge
Mairin = sea of bitterness, child of wishes
Maisie = maize
Majesta = greatness, grandeur, dignity
Makala = myrtle
Makani = wind
Mala = ill, wrong, bad
Malka = queen
Malvina = smooth brow
Malu = peace, beneath peaceful skies
Mamie = my sweetheart
Mangena = song, melody
Manuela = God is with us
Mara = bitter
Marcella = to shine
Mardell = meadow near the sea
Margaret = pearl, child of light
Marigold = Mary’s gold, genus Tagetes
Marilyn = Mary’s line, descendants of Mary
Marina = belonging/produced by the sea
Marini = healthy, fresh, pretty
Marion = morris dancing, stringed puppet
Marnina = rejoice
Marquita = canopy
Martha = lord
Martina = warlike
Marva = sage, sweet-scented medical herb
Marvel = full of wonder
Mary = sea of bitterness, child of wishes
Masada = foundation
Matana = gift
Mathilda = strong battlemaid
Maud = strong battlemaid
Maura = dark
Mauve = mallow-coloured, pinkish-blue
Mavis = song-thrush
Maxime = greatest, biggest, best
May = month of Maia
Mazal = star, luck
Meave = joy
Meira = radiant, shining
Melanie = of black, dark complexion
Meldoy = choral song
Melina = tune, song
Melissa = bee
Melora = golden melon, golden apple
Melosa = sweet as honey, gentle
Melvina = friendly meeting, mill-worker
Menora = candelabrum
Meraud = the sea
Mercy = reward
Meredith = great chief, defender of the sea
Meri = rebellious
Merit = earned, deserved
Merle = blackbird
Merlin = sea-hill fort
Merrie = pleasant, festive, jolly
Metuka = sweet
Michaela = who can be like God?
Miette = small sweet thing
Migdana = gift
Mignon = delicate, petite
Mildred = mild, power, gentle gift
Milena = mild
Mili = who is for me
Millicent = strong worker, detemined
Minerva = goddess of wisdom, arts, strength
Minna = love
Mirabel = marvellous, strange
Miranda = astonished, amazed
Miri = mine
Miriam = sea of bitterness, child of wishes
Misty = clouded, obscure
Miyuki = deep snow
Moana = ocean
Modesta = moderate, kind, gentle
Moina = gentle, soft
Moira = sea of bitterness, child of wishes
Molly = child of light, child of wishes
Momi = pearl
Mona = wish, advise, month, nun, noble
Montina = mountain
Morag = the sea
Morasha = inheritance
Moriah = God is my teacher
Morit = teacher
Morna = beloved, affection
Morissa = uncultivated, marshland, Moor
Morwenna = wave of the sea
Moselle = saved from the water
Muriel = sea, bright
Musette = to medidate, absorbed in thought
Myfanwy = my treasure, my rare one
Myra = astonished, amazed, marvellous
Myrna = myrrh
Myrtle = myrtle, white shrub flower perfume

Naama = beautiful, pleasant, good fortune
Nabila = noble
Nadia = hope, nothing, opposite to zenith
Nagida = noble, aristocratic woman
Naia = to flow
Nairne = riverside lime-trees
Nalani = calmness of the skies or heavens
Nancy = pure, chaste, God favoured me
Naomi = charming, delightful
Napea = from a dell or wooded vale
Nara = happy
Narcissa = numbness
Narda = spikenard
Nasia = miracle of God
Natalie = birth, anniversary, festival
Natania = gift of God
Nayer = sunshine
Neala = champion, Neil’s daughter
Nebula = mist, smoke, darkness
Nechama = consoling
Nellwyn = friend of Nell
Nema = thread, hair
Neola = young, new
Neoma = new moon
Nerine = god of oceans, satellite of Neptune
Nessa = headland, promontory
Neva = new, snow, brilliant white
Nicola = people’s victory
Nina = young girl
Nissa = sign, emblem
Nitza = flower bud
Nixie = nymph, sprite
Noel = birth, anniversary, festival
Noelani = beautiful girl from heaven
Nofia = panorama
Nokomis = daughter of the moon
Nola = famous, noble
Nona = ninth
Nora = recognition, acknowledgement, light
Norberta = brilliant heroine
Norma = carpenter’s square, pattern
Norna = sea of bitterness, child of wishes
Nova = new, new-comer
Noya = decked out by nature, bejewelled
Nuala = fair-shouldered
Nureen = light, mountain of light
Nydia = nest, dwelling, home
Nysa = goal, aim, beginning, starting point

Obedience = to listen to, submit to
Obelia = marker, pointer, needle
Octavia = eight
Odeda = courageous, strong
Odelai = song
Odessa = extended adventurous wandering
Ofra = present, gift, sacrifice
Ola = nourisher, protector
Oleander = evergreen poisonous tree
Olga = holy
Olivia = evergreen olive tree
Olwyn = white footprint
Olympia = mountain, supreme god
Omega = great O, last letter Greek alphabet
Onawa = wide awake girl
Opal = precious stone
Ophelia = help, succour
Ophira = gold
Oralee = I have light
Oriana = rising/morning sun
Oriel = gold, fire, strive
Oriole = golden bird
Orion = hunter, name of constellation
Orna = to adorn, pale olive colour
Orpah = fawn
Osma = protected by God, friend of God
Osyth = great legend
Ottalie = prosporous
Ottilia = father-land
Ova = egg

Padma = lotus
Page = child, pageboy
Pallas = goddess
Palma = palm tree
Paloma = dove
Pamela = all, honey
Pandora = gifted in everything, no-go
Panphila = loving and loved by all
Pansy = to think, genus Viola
Panthea = all, gods
Pascal = to pass over
Patience = to suffer, calm, tollerant
Patricia = patrician, Roman noble
Paula = small
Pazia = gold
Peace = peace, tranquillity
Pearl = smooth, lustrious deposit, valuable
Peke = shining, glorious
Pelagia = sea
Penelope = weaver, silent worker
Penina = coral, pearl
Pentecost = fiftieth day
Penthea = five
Peony = hymn of thanksgiving
Perdita = lost
Perfecta = perfect, complete
Perpetua = constant, universal, everlasting
Persephone = dazling brilliance
Pert = open, bold
Petra = rock
Petula = forward, saucy, impudent
Petunia = tobacco
Phedre = shining, light
Phemia = voice, speech
Phila = love, loving, dear, beloved
Philana = fond of mankind
Philantha = someone loving flowers
Philberta = glowing with light
Philippa = someone loving horses
Philomela = someone who loves singing
Philomena = someone loving harmony/music
Philopena = little Phillip
Philyra = someone fond of music
Phoebe = bright, shining
Phoenix = phoenix, purple
Phyllis = leafy branch
Pia = dutiful, careful, faithful
Pier = rock
Piuta = poetry
Placida = gentle, peaceful, mild
Pleasance = to please, to give pleasure
Plennie = full up, complete
Polly = child of light, child of wishes
Pomona = fruit
Poppy = poppy, narcotic plant
Pora = fruitful
Portia = hog
Prima = first, foremost, eminent
Primavera = the first green, springtime
Primrose = the earliest rose
Priscilla = ancient, old-fashioned, strict
Procopia = producer, creator, author
Prospera = to make things succeed
Prudence = good sence, practical judgement
Prunella = little plum, plum coloured
Psyche = breath of life/soul
Pulcheria = beautiful, fair
Pyralis = fire

Queenby = queen’s castle
Queenie = companion, woman, wife, ruler
Quella = to kill, destroy, pacify
Querida = to ask, enquire, show sympathy
Quenta = fifth

Rabia = fragrant breeze
Rachel = ewe, female sheep
Radagund = councel, war
Raine = kingship, dominance, influence
Riasa = rose
Ramona = wisdom, advise, counsel
Ran = sea goddess saving drowning sailors
Randa = shield, wolf, courageous protection
Rani = queen
Rapa = moonbeam
Raphaela = God has healed
Ravital = God is my dew, God will provide
Rawnie = lady
Raya = friend
Rayna = pure, clean
Raz = secret
Rea = poppy, narcotic plant
Reade = to advise/counsel, red
Rebecca = knotted cord
Regina = queen, goddess, noble woman
Reiko = gratitude
Renata = joy, song
Reubena = behold, a son
Rexana = queen, goddess, noble woman
Rhea = protectress
Rheta = well-spoken
Rhoda = rose
Rhonda = powerful river
Ria = small river
Richarda = powerful, wealthy, ruling, strong
Rickma = woven
Rilla = small stream, brook
Rimona = pomegranate
Rishona = first
Rita = brave, strong
Riva = bank of a stream, seashore
River = river, river of live
Roberta = fame, bright
Rochelle = large stone, reliable, solid
Roda = rose
Roderica = famous ruler
Rolanda = renowned troughout the land
Romelda = Roman warrior
Romia = exalted, high up
Romola = founding, ruling Roman god
Rona = rose
Ronalda = great warrior
Roni = joy
Rosabel = rose, my beautiful rose
Rosalba = white rose
Rosalia = feast of roses
Rosalind = pretty as a rose
Rosamond = rose of the world
Rose = rose, wreath of roses, rose bush/tree
Rosebud = full of promise
Rosedale = valley of roses
Rosemary = sea dew
Rowena = slender as a lance, fair
Roxanna = dawn, bright light
Royale = king, ruler
Ruby = red
Rudelle = fame
Ruel = red, king
Rufina = red, red-haired
Rula = pattern, model, example
Rumer = man, gypsy
Runa = to flow
Ruth = friendship, beautiful dream

Saada = support, help
Saba = old
Sabina = a shrub/tree – juniper/red cedar
Sabra = thorny cactus
Sada = seed
Sadira = lotus plant
Saffron = crocus
Sahara = desert
Sakara = sweet
Sakura = cherry blossom
Salena = salt, salt water
Sally = princess
Salome = peace of Zion
Samantha = one who listens
Samara = seed of the elm
Samira = entertainer
Samuela = heard by God
Sancha = holy, pure
Sandra = precious to the planet Saturn
Santa = holy, pure
Sapphire = sowing, planting
Sarah = princess
Saturnia = sowing, planting
Saxon = large stone
Sayo = born at night
Scarlet = rich, vivid reddish-orange colour
Scientia = knowing, expert, skilled
Secunda = the next, the following/second
Seema = sign, symbol
Sela = rock
Selda = rare
Selene = moon
Selima = well-formed, wealthy
Selma = fair
Semele = beautiful mortal
Semiramis = beautiful girl
Septima = seventh
Seraphina = to burn
Serena = clear, serene, bright
Shalgia = snow-white
Sharman = cutting, division
Sharon = flat area, plain
Sheena = God is kind and merciful
Sheila = blind
Shifra = beautiful
Shimra = to keep safe
Shira = song
Shirley = shire, county, meadow
Shizu = quit, clear
Shona = God is kind and merciful
Sibley = siter or half-sister
Sibyl = prophetes, oracle, wise old woman
Sidonie = fine cloth
Sidra = star, heavenly body
Signa = signal, token, banner, image
Sigrid = victory, peace
Silver = silversmith
Silvia = wood, forest
Sima = treasure
Simone = he heard, snub-nosed
Sirena = to bind, attach, warning whistle
Sirios = glowing, burning
Sivia = deer
Solace = comfort, relief, a soothing quality
Solange = alone, single
Soma = body
Sona = noise, resound, cry out, our forth
Sophia = wisdom
Spangle = ornament, clasp, sparkling metal
Sparkle = glisten/burn, flash, set in motion
Spring = to leap up, explode
Stacey = resurrection, born again
Star = star
Stella = star
Stephanie = crown
Storm = tempestuous weather
Sudy = south, southerly wind
Suki = beloved
Sunny = basis of solar system, life
Susan = lily, city of white lilies
Svea = south
Swana = swan
Sydel = god of wine, pleasure, revelry
Syke = mulberry tree, valuable silk food
Sylvia = wood, forest, rural life

Tabitha = gazelle, charitable
Tacita = silent, still, not speaking
Taffy = God’s beloved
Taja = crown
Takara = precious object, treasure
Tali = dew
Talia = a lamb
Tallula = running water
Talma = small hill
Talmor = heap of myrrh
Talor = morning dew
Tamar = date palm tree
Tamarind = date from India
Tamath = to walk around
Tamsin = twin
Tangye = sting, point
Tania = fairy queen
Tanith = estate
Tao = peach blossom
Tara = to throw, carry
Tasarla = both morning and evening
Tatum = cheerful, spirited
Tauba = dove
Tegan = doe
Tellus = the earth, the globe, territory
Temima = whole, honest
Temperance = moderation, sobriety, balance
Templa = an open space, a sanctuary
Terranda = land, soil, man; mankind’s earth
Tertia = third
Teruma = gift, offering
Thalassa = sea
Thalia = to flourish
Thana = death
Thea = goddess
Thekla = god-famed
Thelma = will
Theodora = gift of God, divine gift
Theola = divine
Theophila = loved by God
Theresa = reap, something beautiful of God
Thetis = dogmatic
Thirza = acceptance
Thomasa = twin
Thora = the thunderer
Thrine = pure
Tiberia = the river Tiber
Tiffany = manifestation of divine being
Timothea = honour, respect, god
Tinkle = the light sound of a small metal bell
Tira = enclosure, encampment
Tirza = cypress tree, she will be desirable
Tivona = fond of nature
Toba = God is good
Topaza = blue, yellow, brown gemstones
Tora = tiger
Tori = bird
Toshi = year
Toyah = amorous sport, dalliance, trifle
Tracey = to manage, lead, investigate
Tristine = sorrowful, mournful, noise
Troth = truth, pledge, faith
Tryphena = daintiness, delicacy
Tuesday = Tuesday, god of war
Turquoise = Turkish stone, blue-green stone
Twila = method of diagonal weaving
Tybal = holy place, sacrificial spot

Ualani = heavenly rain
Uda = prosperous
Ula = possessor of
Ulalume = wailing
Ulani = bright, light-hearted
Ulema = learned, wise
Ulla = to fill right up
Ulrica = strong and powerful ruler
Ultima = final, winner, highest, greatest
Ulva = wolf, courage
Umeko = plum-blossom
Una = lamb, the very girl, together
Undina = wave, surge, billow
Uraeus = cobra
Urania = heaven
Urit = light
Ursula = she-bear

Vaino = empty, unsuccessful, self-obsessed
Valda = ruler, battle, heroine
Valentine = strong, brave, powerful, healthy
Valerie = to be strong, healthy
Valeska = glory, glorious ruler
Valonia = acorn, acomlike fruit
Vanessa = myrtle, star
Vania = God is kind and merciful
Vanora = white wave
Varda = rose
Vardis = rose
Varuna = water god, physical, moral order
Vashti = beautiful
Veda = knowledge
Vedis = hunter
Vega = the falling vulture
Vela = sail
Velda = field, open expanse of land
Velika = great
Velvet = shaggy hair, the nap of cloth
Venetia = kindness, mercy, forgiveness
Ventura = fortune, good luck
Venus = love, loveliness, beloved, sexual love
Vera = faith
Verdi = to be green
Verena = truth, reality, integrity
Veronica = true image
Vespera = evening
Vesta = hearth goddess, 3rd largest asteroid
Vevila = harmonious
Victoria = victorious
Vila = country house, farm
Vincentia = to conquer, be victorious
Vinia = wine, grapes
Viola = to play the viol
Violet = violet/stock, gilly flower
Virgilia = maidenly, like a virgin
Virginia = manly race, maidenhood, virginity
Vita = life, living, mankind, lifetime
Vivien = alive, posessing life
Volante = to fly

Wacil = slothful, weak, mean
Wahalla = killed in battle, hall of immorality
Wahkuna = wood of arrows
Waikiki = spring of water, gushing water
Wakenda = wake up, stir up
Walburga = night of witchcraft
Walda = rule, folk, people
Wallis = choise, selection, to boil, rampart
Wanda = a straight, slender stick
Wannetta = dark, gloomy
Wapeka = weapon, self-defence instrument
Warrene = folk
Wasila = be in good health, cheers
Welcome = gives pleasure on arrival
Wenda = fair, to travel/move forward
Wendy = pearl, child of light, friend
Wenona = being joyful and blissfully happy
Werburgh = princess
Whaley = big fish, whacker, whopper
Wilda = house besides the willow trees
Wilfreda = desire for peace
Wilhelmina = resolute protector
Wilona = desired or wished for
Winema = woman chief
Winifred = friend of peace, gentle friend
Winona = first-born daughter
Woodren = woody hedge

Xanthe = yellow, fair
Xanthippe = yellow horse
Xaviera = bright
Xenia = stranger, guest
Ximenia = genus of tropical herbs and trees
Xylophila = someone who loves woods

Yakira = precious
Yardena = to flow downward, descend
Yarkona = green
Yasu = peaceful
Yatva = good
Yedida = dear friend
Yehiela = God knows, beloved of God
Yeira = light
Yelena = lily blossom
Yemina = son of my right hand
Yepa = snow maiden
Yeshisha = old
Yigaala = God will redeem/choose
Yoi = born in the evening
Yoko = positive, female
Yolanda = modest
Yona = moaning, dove
Yoshi = good, respectful
Yovela = ram’s horn
Yuki = snow, lucky
Yulan = jade orchid
Yullis = heathen festival
Yvonne = God is kind and merciful

Zada = lucky one
Zahara = flower
Zaida = good fortune, growth
Zara = dawn
Zariza = industrious
Zaza = movement
Zea = a grain, a variety of rosemary
Zehava = gold, brilliantly bright
Zehira = protected
Zelia = zealous, ardent
Zena = woman
Zenda = sacred
Zenobia = sign, symbol
Zephira = morning
Zephyr = the west wind
Zeta = olive
Zeva = wolf
Zevida = gift
Zevula = to honour, praise
Zia = to tremble
Zila = shade
Zilpah = dripping, sprinkling
Zimra = branch, song of praise
Zinnia = genus of USA tropical plants
Ziona = hill on which Jerusalem is build
Zippora = bird
Zita = little rose, bedroom
Ziva = to shine out brightly
Zoe = breath of life
Zola = toll, tax, price
Zona = girdle, belt
Zora = dawn
Zsa Zsa = lily, city of lilies
Zuleika = pretty, fair girl
Zulema = peace

(© D.H. Pienaar)

Spaar Geld op Versekering

Lucky Lottos


My naam
Ek sal graag wil weet wat die betekenis van my naam is, indien daar een is, my doopnaam is Estie. Dit sal baie interessant wees om te weet, Baie dankie Estie
6 jaar 4 weke 9 ure oud

Baie interessant
Ek glo ook dat 'n naam wel 'n groot rol speel en toe ek destyds my eie naam se betekenis opgespoor het, het ek nog by myslf gedink:"Geen wonder nie..."
6 jaar 11 maande 3 dae 9 ure oud

Die betekenis van jou naam
Nou hoe gemaak?
My name beteken "vrede" in "'n see van bitterheid", wat as 'n skerpioen gebore is!
Bots dit nie dalk verskriklik erg nie? Dalk hierdie konglomerasie wat maak dat ek pary dae plek soek om te ontplof!
7 jaar 3 maande 16 ure oud

n lewe
ek dink jy kort n lewe, probeer e-bay
7 jaar 3 maande 5 dae oud

Jy het baie moeite hier ingesit. En dis interessant.
7 jaar 3 maande 5 dae 20 ure oud

Ek stem 100% met jou saam! Ek as gelowige weet dat God die heelal met sterre gespreek het, dws deur wat die sterre wys is tog wat Hy ook wil weergee.....

Ek is 'n LEEU in alle opsigte!

hErcULEs sOEthArt
7 jaar 4 maande 1 week 3 dae 3 ure oud

daar is baie meer agter 'n naam
Jy het 'n goeie samevating .. maar dis nog nie eens te s, van die stert van die hond nie ...

Jou naam het 'n kort beteknis ja ...maar in kombinasie met jou vollename en van, neem dit 'n grooter prentjie aan en skenk aan jou karakter Einskappe en moontlike sterk en swak punte. Natuurlik werk dit nou saam met 'n klomp ander faktore ook,
bv die gesin waarin jy opgroei -
jou geloof
jou kultuur
jou omgewing
jou familie
jou vriende

hierdie is 'n topic wat my ook na aan die hart le, en elke ouer wat 'n kind 'n naam moet gee, behoort dit eers te bestudeer. En ook wag op God se leiding vir 'n naam vir jou kind!

My ouers het my geseen met drie name wat lei tot 'n innerlike stryd wat ek daagliks moet voer ... want die een naam leen aan my my kreatiewe denke en talente, die ander maak my vorsvol en 'n leier om mee te reken en die ander maak my 'n werk esel wat eerder die leier volg ... dan het ek nog boon-op die kunsternaars gene - as ek nie die mood het nie, gebeur dit nie .. bv koskook, teken, werkskaf, skryf ens ... en die mood kan soms donker raak sonder rede .. oi oi oi

Toe ons my seuntjie se naam gekies het, het ons gaan kyk na watse moontlike einskappe hy sal he met die naam ... ons wou hom vernoem het na my pa wat Leon Potgieter was ... maar op die ou end het God ons gely om hom Theo Truter te noem ...

Theo is kort vir Theodorus (Engles Theodor) wat geskenk van God beteken.

Vandat ons gehoor het ons is swanger met Theo - het ons geweet Theo is hier vir 'n spesiale rede ... eers gedink dit is net 'n volgende stap in my geneesing van die verlede (lang storie)
en ook vir my manlief, Andre ... maar die naweek van sy geboorte het ons ontdek dat Theo 'n grooter geneesende rol speel ... hy het die familie weer bymekaar gebring (veral aan my kant) en ook 'n groot rol in Andre se pa se herstel kom speel en nog steeds.

Theo is die Vrydag oggend per c-section gebore ... ook 'n lang storie en weens komplikasies was ons langer in die hospitaal ... knip die draaidjie gou korter ...

Die Sondag aand het Theo se Beskermings Engel vlugtig aan my verskyn terwyl Theo op my bors geslaap het ....en dis 'n lang storie wat ek op 'n ander keer, 'n ander plek sal deel ... maar tot die slotsom:

Ons het toe besef dat Theo werklik 'n geskenk van God is, nie net aan ons nie, maar aan almal wat met hom in kontak kom.

En ons is dankbaar dat ons God se leiding gevolg het in die kies van sy naam : Theo Truter

Ek sal later deel wat ek het rondom die naam van hom ...

Name is belangrik - dink voor jy 'n kind, dier of plek benoem :-)

7 jaar 4 maande 2 weke 6 dae 20 ure oud

wow toe toe skryf meer
8 jaar 6 maande 1 week 21 ure oud

Ek kan nie glo..... een persoon het kommentaar gelewer na oor die 160 kere gelees nie?

Ek het gehoop om baie meer terugvoering te kry! Eintlik het ek alles in Engels geskryf, as jy kan kyk na "Why are most Managers Damagers Module 2" op mabooki, sal jy meer geskryf sien, ek moet dit nog na Afrikaans vertaal!

Ek wil n hele boek daaroor die betekenis van name skryf en baie meer oor die onderwerp uitbrei, maar in Afrikaans!

hErcULeS sOEthArt
8 jaar 6 maande 1 week 3 dae 9 ure oud

Betekenins van my naam
Genugtig ou maat, jy het goed navorsing gedoen.
Baie baie interessant.
8 jaar 6 maande 1 week 3 dae 10 ure oud

Nuutste werk ingestuur binne die afgelope 7 dae

Geborg deur :

Van ons ander lede

Gister se Onthou

deur borrels

ek pluk 'n klompie letters van 'n laning woord-bome af dan bou ek 'n vers daarmee die trand daarvan soms bietjie laf maar die woorde van die verse kom diep hier uit my hart dit skets die liefde van die lewe soms met pienk en soms met swart



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