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Ek het die onderstaande uit Angus Buchan se Dagstukkie boek geneem en voel dis so spesiaal vir my en bid en vertrou dat dit vir elkeen wat dit sal wees, ook kosbaar sal wees.

“For God so loved the world “
I read this illustration of what our heavenly Father did for you and me by given us His only begotten Son.
One day you pick up the paper and read about a small village in India that has just got a bad case of flu and four people has died. You take little notice and carry on reading through the sport section. The following day you switch on your radio on your way to work and the news is on. The crisis in India has got worse and there are now thirty villages affected and hundreds of people has died. After work you head home and put your feet up in the lounge and switch on the television to watch CNN and to catch up with the day’s news, only to find out that the flu has now spread throughout India and into Pakistan. They now have given the flu a name – it’s called the Killer Flu.
In the morning you awake to find out that the Killer Flu has cross the subcontinent and is now killing millions. The French President now closes all his borders to isolate the country. It’s too late. There are now two hikers dying of the Killer Flu in a Paris hospital. The flu now spreads incredibly quickly through Europe, killing millions of people. It catches Britain off guard, ripping through the Islands at an incredible rate. The USA has called all the people together to say that they have found a cure, but they need pure blood, untouched. They ask that all people come to the community halls to donate blood. You take your family down to your local hall and wait for further instructions. A little later on a man in a white coat comes out and starts to prick everybody’s finger. They all return and you are all told to wait for an answer. After an hour or so, there’s a great noise coming from inside the hall. People come running out, screaming, ‘We have found a cure; we have Found a cure”! Everyone starts to cry. People are praying and they are thanking the Lord. The man in the white coat calms everybody down and shouts out a name.
Your son tugs at your shirt. “Daddy, that’s my name, isn’t it?” You can’t believe it. You slowly start pushing your way through the crowd until you reach the man in the white coat. “That was my son’s name that you called out just now”. The man excitedly takes my hand and leads my family through to a small room with a steel table in it. He hurriedly lifts my four-year-old son onto the table and he says, “We have to start as soon as possible “. “What do you mean?” I say. “We have to draw blood”. I look at him in fear. “What does all that mean?”. “You’ll have to fill in a consent form”, he says. “We need his blood, ALL OF IT ! “. You stare numbly at him, trying to understand what he has just said. His voice comes back into your head. ”There are millions of people dying. Your child will save the world”. You reach down and sign the paper. Your little boy is scared. ”Daddy , please don’t leave me, I’m scared. Mommy please don’t go. Daddy please don’t forsake me”! You are lead out of the room by the men in white coats. All you can hear is your little boy’s voice “Daddy, please don’t leave me. Don’t forsake me “ ! …………………
(Author unknown )

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God se liefde
Dankie vir die deel van hierdie kosbare stukkie Marle... groot les vir ons elkeen hierin
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deur Rachelle du Bois

Die pragtige Mari Wolmarans vat haar seuntjie en vlug weg uit ʼn gewelddadige huwelik. Sy is die rykmanslewe gewoond, maar nou is sy sonder heenkome of inkomste. Sy gaan woon by haar broer Thinus waar sy die aantreklike kunstenaar Dewald Bosman ontmoet. Sy is geskok en verward toe hy aanbied om met haar te trou ter wille van die drie-jarige Dirkie. Sy is nie gereed vir ʼn tweede huwelik nie, maar sy neem tog sy huweliksaansoek aan ter wille van haar seun. Dit sal egter slegs in naam wees tot sy anders besluit. Maar sal sy? Sal sy vir Dewald kan liefkry soos hy vir haar? Dewald is betower deur die verruklike Mari. Sy het sy voete onder hom uitgeslaan en sy enigste begeerte is om haar lief te hê as sy vrou. Die oulike Dirkie kruip vinnig in sy hart en hy neem hom voor om vir hom ʼn toekoms te verseker, want hy kan en hy wil. Vir Mari en vir Dirkie. Sal hy daarin slaag om haar hart te wen?



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