Titel: Mask man
Deel hierdie werkstuk met jou Facebook vriende

Your words cut through my heart and soul, drop me to the floor,
The only thing I know and my only reaction, I just give even more.
Maybe you do not value the things important to me, but the rest of the people who care do see.
I can only give myself unconditional, have faith and hope one day you would value me.
You must take so much pleasure in the rejection and hurt you cause with the words you say,
To you it is a game you take pride in, use every possible situation and you just have to play.
When the lights go of and the darkness inside me and around me is so overwhelming
My tears and hurt you do not see, I just want love and affection, all that you don’t bring
During the day you walk with your big mask and fake personality to entertain the world
In the back ground I stand and receive all your anger and hate you have build.
The people outside never experience the true man see you for who you are
With money and charm and you buy people over; make sure you are the untimed star.
If you remove the charm, gifts and money, talk to them as you talk to me, will people still value you?
I give you my all; you give your hate, rejection and pain, the man I see is this the true you?

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