Deel hierdie werkstuk met jou Facebook vriende

Men, forever pushing their luck -
are they blind or are their brains stuck?
A woman has to slave and multi-task
forever has to live up to her man's expectations
since the early days of Noah and his ark.

Woman, cheer up your man when he's blue -
a fine breakfast, whiskey, supper and a TV remote will do!
Woman, get your kids ready, take them to school
(remember, tonight daddy's playing pool).
“Don't forget your shopping list, darling” -
still refrains his very last warning.

“I have a cocktail party and need my white shirt
Washing and ironing done, my flirt?
Dear, why didn't you clean up after breakfast?
I notice the kitchen floor is not mopped -
neither are the toilet and bath scrubbed.
No, no money to pay for a cleaning lady
but I do have you, not so, Sadie?”

Woman, you have children to bath -
lots of homework tasks to get done
while he's sipping whiskey from his glass.
Laughing hilariously - his sports team won!
Now he's relaxing on the sofa and drools
whilst enjoying the overly-sexy girl
that on TV shakes and twirls.

Tonight and every other night
he wants a roll in the hay.
For this, he will put up a serious fight
if his woman is tired and wouldn't play.
“But I also went to work today...”
(Did he?)

Women, you should have a successful career
but let me once and for all make it clear:
Don't be more successful than your man -
don't make him feel inferior.
He's not bothered about your interior
he just needs a sexy playful slave, my dear!

Spaar Geld op Versekering

Lucky Lottos


Duidelik dat jy strykdeur die kort gedeelte van die stokkie getrek het.
7 jaar 6 maande 3 weke 2 dae 22 ure oud

Hallo Jeanette, dankie vir jou gedig en kommentaar. Ek dink jy gaan hier 'n klomp kommentaar ontlok .... :)
7 jaar 6 maande 3 weke 3 dae 21 ure oud

Ek vra om verskoning dat dié gedig in Engels is, maar kon nie die versoeking weerstaan om hierdie ou gedig van my te plaas nie!!!
7 jaar 6 maande 3 weke 3 dae 21 ure oud

Nuutste werk ingestuur binne die afgelope 7 dae

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