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Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Emmer

Projek: Emmer

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 07 Oct 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Vandag het ek nou ge-die-kant-toe en ge-daai-kant-toe om aan ’n nuwe tema vir Vandag in...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Vrede

Projek: Vrede

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 08 Jul 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Hierdie week se tema vir “Vandag in Woorde” is VREDE. Dis ’n toestand waarin ’n...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Lees

Projek: Lees

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 22 Apr 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Vandag leen ek ons tema vir Vandag in Woorde by ’n radioprogram. Hulle het oor...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Inspirasie

Projek: Inspirasie

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 28 Jan 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Die tema vir hierdie week se Vandag in Woorde is INSPIRASIE.

Ons almal vind inspirasie...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Geld

Projek: Geld

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 17 Sep 2013 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Geld                  deur Kiekies

Geld wat stom is...

Van ons ander lede

Oak Seed

deur Rachelle du Bois

Alicia Venter was a cool librarian with her life and her career mapped out. Until she looked into the compellingly familiar eyes of a stranger. She was shaken to the core. Why was she so powerfully drawn to the stunningly attractive Martin Blythe, yet they’ve never met? Martin Blythe was rich, he was a successful engineer doing research in the university library. And then he looked into the familiar green eyes of a strange young woman. The earth moved for him then as he recognised her somehow. In an instant he knew she was a part of him without which he could not live. Would these two people find the answer to the strange coincidence that kept pushing them into each other’s lives? Would they resist or choose love?



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