Woes-Nuus: toerisme

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Onomatopeë

Projek: Onomatopeë

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 04 Nov 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Die tema vir Vandag in Woorde is hierdie week ‘ONOMATOPEE’. Of te wel ‘onomatopeë’, want...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Emmer

Projek: Emmer

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 07 Oct 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Vandag het ek nou ge-die-kant-toe en ge-daai-kant-toe om aan ’n nuwe tema vir Vandag in...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Foto - Uitdaging 1

Projek: Foto 1

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 20 May 2014 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Ons het ’n kraakvars idee vir die tema van Vandag in Woorde vir hierdie week!...

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Vuur

Projek: Vuur

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 20 Aug 2013 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

Die tema vir hierdie week se vandag in woorde is ‘vuur’. Letterlike of figuurlike vuur....

Titel: Vandag in Woorde: Erfenis

Projek: Erfenis

Weergawe: 1 | Datum gepubliseer: 30 Jul 2013 | Kere gelees: 0 | Kommentare: 0

‘Erfenis’ is hierdie week se tema vir “Vandag in Woorde”

Elkeen van ons het ’n...

Van ons ander lede

The Road to Eden

deur Rachelle du Bois

Once rich and still beautiful, Eve Vermont’s life was in tatters. She found a job as house manager with the wealthy and powerful Blythe family. She soon realised that the compelling Adam Blythe was determined to uncover the painful secret of her past. She was forced to accept that he wasn’t going to stop until he knew what brought her to Oak Manor but was she prepared to open up and allow him to know her as he intended? Or would she keep hiding from Adam and the world? Adam Blythe found a stylish, beautiful and mysterious woman in his home. As house manager. She was totally unsuitable for the job, and he felt compelled to find out more about her. And as he uncovered the layers of this incredible woman, his love for her grew and he knew he had to keep her at Oak Manor at all costs. But would she stay?



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