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Titel: Tant Vya se Fordjie - 20 Oct 2015


deur Johann P. Boshoff

"We need to rediscover ourselves as full human beings and discover that it is precisely as full human beings that God wants us to come to him. His salvation, his love, his mercy are designed for full human beings, not for theological or religious creatures who have stifled their humanity or repressed their deepest emotions. We ought to be fully human and unashamed of our humanity ... as we approach the God who made us that way and is waiting for us to come to him in that way. Jesus himself approached God in that way and communicated with his whole heart in prayer to the Father. (Hebrews 4:15-16 and 5:7) The Spirit is imparting to our heart the faith and desire to approach God." ■ Ralph Martin in Hungry for God (1974)



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